“Kurbads” fleet keeps expanding

Development in vehicle transport and logistics company “Kurbads” is ongoing, from employee education courses to adding new trucks to the fleet of car carriers – recently, the latest Volvo with  Kässbohrer equipment has joined in.

Vehicle carrier number 82 was entrusted to Vladimirs Suščevskis who has previously worked for ‘’Kurbads’’ for many years.  He moved to Great Britain to improve his skills, but after his return to Latvia Vladimirs continues his work in “Kurbads” team and is putting his newly established skills and knowledge to good use.

“I can only say positive things about Vladimirs – he has proved himself from the best side. I was very glad to see the order and tidiness in his previous truck. He also manages to keep the fuel consumption of his truck very low,” Anatolijs Vasiļjevs, “Kurbads” drivers’ quality manager, gives reasons why Vladimirs has earned a new vehicle. “He also knows the routes in Europe as his own pockets and he has a good knowledge of English. We can trust him with responsible tasks.”

An interesting fact – Vladimirs Suščevskis is a former professional cyclist who has fought side by side with one of the best Latvian cyclists Pjotrs Ugrjumovs. The spirit of a sportsman helps achieve high results in the driver’s job.

“Kurbads” head mechanic Ivars Čiblis highlights the truck’s technical specifications: “The truck is equipped with Austrian  Kässbohrer  “Metago” and “Variotrans Pro” car carrier equipment. The trailer for this specific model is five centimeters wider – it relieves the driver’s work, allowing for easier loading and unloading.”

Anatolijs Vasiļjevs justifies the choice:’’ Kässbohrer is one of the main players in their market. Their production offers extensive variations – we can transport new, luxury, used cars and even tractors.”

The latest Volvo “FM 460” truck’s engine has 460 HP and it conforms to Euro 6 standard. It is equipped with Adaptive cruise control system, which ensures safe distance to the vehicle upfront by changing fuel supply and all available brakes.

The latest addition to the fleet has an “I-Shift” gearbox system without lever, the driving regime is chosen with the help of four buttons that can be easily reached by the driver. Truck manufacturer Volvo emphasizes “I-Shift” system and tries to make it as close to the perfect as possible. 

Let it roll well!