“Kurbads” has second safest vehicle fleet in Latvia.

On February 12th in Spikeri complex safest vehicle fleets of 2014 in Latvia were awarded. Winners were determined in three categories, in truck and special use vehicle group “Kurbads” was recognized as second safest in the country.

Competition, that took place for third time in a row, was organized by insurance group “Balta”, Ministry of Transport and “Safe Driving School”. 

“There are more than 1370 company car fleet’s, that take care of 103 500 vehicles. And that is a big part of all traffic. Safety now has a much bigger role in vehicle fleets, because every year we have more companies that takes part in our competition to get some useful advices and improve their car park safety,” says “Balta” member of the board Deividas Raipa.

For competition “Safest company’s vehicle fleet 2014” 42 entries were received. In category, that “Kurbads” was competing in, 18 entrants were fighting for a prize.  Only companies with at least 10 vehicles could enter.

Company SIA “Havi Logistics”  with 90 points was awarded as the safest car park in truck and special use vehicle group.  Only 1,1 point behind in honorable second place was vehicle transport and logistics company “Kurbads”. Third place went to SIA “Cemex”.

“Maintenance is very important to keep all 36 car carriers in good technical conditions,” key of the success is revealed by Ivars Čiblis, manager of “Kurbads” truck service. “We check tire pressure and tire wear on regular basis. Car carrier headlights are also examined often. We try to make our driver job as easy as it can possibly be, so they can concentrate on their primary duty. We also have a drivers’ school to improve their knowledge.”

Second place award would be imaginable without skillful and loyal drivers, who do their jobs with high quality and responsibility. 

Competition was judged by experienced people – “Balta” company’s head of the risk evaluation Edgars Goldmanis, member of “Safe Driving School” Edmunds Ozolnieks, car journalist Normunds Avotiņš, Ministry’s of Traffic state secretary alternate Dins Merirands and owner of traffic psychology certificate and Riga Pedagogy and innovation leadership academy’s innovation and development vice-rector Daina Voita.

All companies were evaluated in three categories – passenger carriers, truck and special vehicle fleets and lower risk vehicle parks. Special award for fastest improvement in safety was given to truck transport company AS “Delta LV”.