Kurbads is on the way of rebranding

Twenty years is a remarkable age for an establishment, much has been accomplished and there are still challenges to face. This year, transportation company Kurbads will go though a rebranding process, the first step- creating new designs for car carriers.

The artist Alfrēds Paulausks is in charge of car carrier designs, including ones of four Kurbads ‘heroes’. He comments on the collaboration: ’Two and a half months of hard work searching ideas and intensive work have paid off with a new design for a car carrier. I see these changes as a logic step, because the previous design does not suit the maturity of the company at this point, nor does it suit the philosophy and values. In the new design, we used Latvian symbols, they are a part of tradition and require special competency, care and responsibility. I hope ‘Kurbads’ will show a good example.’

The new design car carriers will be customised by using different Latvian symbols of power. ‘Kurbads’ rebranding was started by using the symbol of Ūsiņš-in Latvian mythology, he is the god of spring, of fertility, the caretaker of bees and horses. 

Ūsiņš will provide good tailwind for ‘Kurbads’ iron horse- the first rebranded car carrier is a newly bought Mercedes-Benz “Actros 1843” with 430 HP, which weighs 18 tonnes. This truck has several remarkable innovations which lessen the exploitation costs and provide better safety in traffic.  

In ‘Actros’, a compromise between comfort and driving quality has been found by using newest technology. For the driver, there is freedom of movement in the cabin and a sense of a spacious environment. The ergonomics are thought out- all control panels can be reached by hand. The layout of the cabin is made so that the driver can focus on the road and avoid traffic accidents.