Kurbads meets Lohr, one of the world’s best-known manufacturers of car carrier equipment

Representatives of Lohr, the worldwide known French vehicle transport equipment and trailer manufacturing company, visited Latvia to introduce our team to the latest generation vehicle transport system, which is manufactured and suitable for the Kurbads Mercedes-Benz trucks. Both companies shared their knowledge, discussed possible cooperation opportunities and exchanged experience on car transport matters. 

Until now, Kurbad has had a close relationship with Austria-based Kässbohrer, a manufacturer of car transport trailer systems. Lohr, which has a 55-year history and operates on almost every continent in the world, was therefore welcomed with interest by Kurbads. It was a great opportunity for Kurbad’s employees to gain additional global experience, learn about the latest innovations and compare the two manufacturers’ systems in person. From Kurbads, the exchange and presentation was attended by the company’s mechanics and service center manager Ivars Čiblis. He acknowledges that the employees were very interested in studying and getting to know the nuances of the Lohr solution systems: “Kurbads has already established successful cooperation for several years and purchases Mercedes-Benz branded vehicles, so it is natural that we also want top-class transport systems. During the presentation, we had the opportunity to explore the solutions offered by Lohr from A-Z. This allowed us to compare the pros and cons of both manufacturers.”

Tom Hartman, Head of Logistics at Kurbads, points out that such experience is very useful as it allows for comparisons and keeping up to date with the latest innovations in auto transport. “I believe that every company and its employees need to regularly update their knowledge of the sector in which they operate. Especially on the latest technologies that are an integral part of our daily lives. Given the development of technology and the rapid market entry of electric vehicles, a lot has changed and more and more advanced and complex solutions are being offered in the world, also in their transportation”, says T. Hartmanis

He says that after meeting with the company’s representatives, he has drawn conclusions on how to improve the quality of Kurbads’ car transport services in the future. “Given the company’s goals for regular fleet renewal, we need to not only be aware of the most innovative and best products which are being offered but also to use them. This is the only way we will be able to maintain and further improve the level of service we provide and, most importantly, increase our customers’ confidence in safe vehicle transport.”

Alexandre Catana, representative of Lohr, appreciated the desire of Kurbads, car transport and logistics company, to grow and develop and said that the visit and the exchange of experience had been valuable. “We are very happy to see that there are companies in Latvia that are constantly thinking about growth and keeping up to date with the latest solutions in order to offer their customers the best quality, most modern and safest car transport solutions”, said Alexandre Catana.