Kurbads transports cars to the BMW PRODUCT LAUNCH TRAINING RIGA 2019 event

From November 19th to November 22th the sports complex 333 hosted a North European “BMW PRODUCT LAUNCH TRAINING RIGA 2019” event, where all the BMW dealers and distributors from Scandinavia and the Baltic States met in one location. The car transportion to the event was entrusted to vehicle transportation company Kurbads.

Around 40 different BMWs were used for four days for driving practices  lead by professional instructors. More than 300 participants from all seven countries took part in this massive event. This is the first time when a North European BMW product launch is outside of Sweden.

“Riga’s biggest advantage is it’s geographic location and the infrastructure – a big airport near the city, high level hotels, also the 333 complex is only 30 min away. Hanzas Perons is the best place to host presentations, we had some special needs and they managed that perfectly. These are exemplary conditions for our foreign guests. We want to host this training event in the best possible manner, that’s why we choose only the best service providers,” Marta Kaktiņa, the organizer of “BMW PRODUCT LAUNCH TRAINING RIGA 2019”.

“Guests are really excited about their experience in Riga and Latvia, a huge thanks also goes to Kurbads company, the logistics employees and drivers did their job very professionally.