Kurbads on the road for 25 years already

August is the birthday month for the transport and logistics company “Kurbads”. This year, August 31st, marks the 25th time already, when the company’s employees, former colleagues and contemporaries meet to remember and rejoice in what they have done, as well as to dream about what more could be done in the time to come.

“Compared to a person’s lifetime, is 25 years a lot or not that much? Similarities can certainly be found, but I think there are pretty big differences between a person’s lifetime and a company’s lifetime. A person can do a lot in both 25 and 80 years, the question is what is their pace and how long they have left to live on this planet,” the head of the company Andis Pikāns reflects on 25 years time.

Since August 31, 1995, the company has grown and developed without losing vitality and ground under its feet. The company has experienced and survived all the crises since the restoration of an independent Latvia, even after the most recent, the Covid-19 pandemic, the company continues its operations without losing the spirit. The most important values ​​of “Kurbads” are maintained and improved each year. Those are loyalty to their customers, high quality of the service provided and, of course, national identity.

The birthday party was celebrated on the company’s cozy premises. The musical atmosphere for the event was created by the Rihards Lībietis trio – Rihards Lībietis (guitars), Erna Daugaviete (the cello) and Matīss Repsis (percussion).

Accompanied by instrumentally dynamic music, photo exhibition was opened – Kurbads 25. The photos featured 25 employees who have made a huge contribution to the company’s development.

The biggest surprise of the evening was towing of Kurbads’ trucks. The strongmen, Mareks Leitis and Aivars Šmaukstelis, showed the guests their strength and dexterity while towing our heavy vehicles weighing as much as up to 19 tons.

“In the last 25 years, I have tried to build a sustainable and lasting company. By doing what I like, I want to maintain the collective energy and be responsible both, for the employees and to the state in the future as well,” sums up the head of the company Andis Pikāns.