Kurbads representatives meet with ECG – Association of European Vehicle Logistics

In the beginning of February, Kurbads representatives Renārs Slesarčuks and Patrīcija Pikāna – Čalpa went on a business trip to Brussels, Belgium, to meet with Mike Sturgeon, director of the ECG (Association of European Vehicle Logistics).

The main goal of the conversation was to understand the current issues in the transport and logistics sector and the industry’s strategy for returning production to previous volumes. For the last two years, the ECG has been operating remotely, so it was interesting to know what the next course of action is for European countries to reduce restrictions on Covid-19. It was also important to introduce the direction, main goals and quality standards of our German company.

Mike Sturgeon praised the marketing efforts of Kurbads on social networks and the designs of the artist Alfrēds Paulausks on our trucks.

ECG conference in Barcelona is coming up soon, after which we will be able to share more specific information about current events in the industry.