Kurbads participates in Vanagkalns skiing festivaln

For the last few weeks the winter in Latvia has been kind to skiing enthusiasts. Last Saturday, skiers from all of Latvia gathered to annual skiing festival in Vanagkalns, where among more than 320 participants were also skiers from Kurbads company.

Salvis Ozoliņš, logistics specialist in Kurbads and a patriot of Jaunpiebalga, finished 20th in overall standings and 10th in his category. “A proper feeling of festival, I think, that this feeling is only possible in Vanagkalns, positive emotions, picturesque views and a perfect track. As I try to ski three times a week, I didn’t have any problems in the distance and I am satisfied with my results. Special thanks to Vitālijs from Riekstukalns!” Salvis managed 18 km in just 56 minutes, earning third position in unofficial ranking of Jaunpiebalga.

On the track we could see some very well known skiers of Latvia. The competition was won by Aleksandrs Patrijuks, but third place went to Daumants Lūsa. Both of them were candidates for Latvian biathlon national team in Olympics. There were more than 30 different age or skill categories, starting from the youngest and going all the way to professionals. Guests from Lithuania, Estonia and Norway is now a common sight in Vanagkalns events.

Kurbads managed awards to the best skiers in several categories. After finishing their distance, competitors had a chance to try a soup from the big kettle so they could keep enjoying the beautiful winter.

See you next year! But we can still visit Vanagkalns in this year!