“Kurbads” pays visit to their partners Altas

The board of the transporting company “Kurbads” went to the Vilnius to meet their cooperation partners “Altas”, a company that has a specific business, modifying and rebuilding commercial transport vehicles according to the wishes of the client.

Lithuanian company has a fruitful cooperation with such vehicle manufacturers as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Renauld and Fiat. The big fishes of the market provide chassis, vehicle cage without windows and engine for “Altas” enterprise. Then those unfinished vehicles are modified – the comfort and the number of seats is adjusted, installed conditioner, coffee machines, voltage converters and sockets. Nearly any wish of the client can be fulfilled.

Mārtiņš Eglītis, the logistics manager of “Kurbads” explains the reasons for visiting the cooperation partners: “Primary task was to meet the head management of “Altas” face to face, strengthen our relationship because so far we have mutually beneficial cooperation.”

With the help of Latvian company’s car carriers the vehicles meant for customization are transported from factories to the main rebuilding workshop in Vilnius. When commercial transport vehicles are ready for clients they are transported to Western European countries.

“Lithuanians work in very high level, everything in real life is like it was meant in the plan. Every worker has specific duties for the specific vehicle. Order and tidyness. The level of Europe. We wanted to see how the customization happens in real life and we were very happy with what we saw,” Mārtiņš Eglītis is impressed about the discipline and high work ethics of Lithuanians.

“Altas” commercial transport is founded in 2002. It is one of the biggest microbus manufacturers in Europe and it emphasizes quality, reliability, timing and innovations.

“Our company’s and “Kurbads” philosophies are  very much alike,” says “Altas” sales manager Karolis Simkus. 

Company produces around 250-300 custumized buses per year, depending on the installation specifications.  In 2012, the company became the official partner of “Daimler AG”, the manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz cars.