Kurbads supports the participation of Lithuanian rally-raid driver Vaidotas Žala in the Dakar rally

Rally and Kurbads go hand in hand. The most powerful and difficult rally raid challenge in the world is the Dakar Rally. After four decades in Africa’s and South-America’s deserts, Dacar’s hometown is now Saudi Arabia. With a successful debut in 2020, rocks, riverbeds, many dunes and a drought await the participants of the Dakar Rally this year, too.

Our neighbor from Lithuania – Vaidotas Žala has chosen the car transport and logistics company Kurbads as the carrier for his car AGRORODEO (Baby). “For the second year in a row, we are entrusting the transportation of “Baby” to “Kurbads”, the largest car carrier in Latvia. We are glad that we were able to find common language and establish cooperation. It is no secret that my steersman in the classic Rally, Andris Mālnieks, is Latvian, so that’s how we found interesting and useful contacts in Latvia. ”

This will be the sixth Dakar Rally for Vaidotas Žala. Last year, Vaidotas and his steersman Saulius Jurgelen won the first stage of the Dakar Rally in the light vehicles class. Impressive results and pinnacles await us, as Vaidotas is only 33 years old.

We are happy to cooperate and help out, wishing the best of luck!