Kurbads takes care of World Choir Games cars

One  of the biggest and most important events of the summer has started this week in European Capital of Culture. Rīga is hosting eighth „World Choir Games” starting on 9th of July. To make fantastic first impression and  offer comfortable rides for guests and organizers, company „Kurbads” services and cleans cars provided by „Moller Baltic Import SE”.

Every morning organizers of culture festival „Rīga 2014”  brings vehicles to „Kurbads” to get them serviced and cleaned with highest possible quality. Making most honorable visitors of the choir olympics to feel welcomed by city and hosts of the culture festival. „Kurbads” business partner „Moller Baltic Import SE” is official car provider for foundation „Rīga 2014”.

Eighth „World Choir Games” will entertain spectators from 9th to 19th July in various concert halls and parks of Rīga. More than 27000 choir singing masters from five continents have arrived to singing olympic games. Rīga has big celebration this summer as it is European Capital of Culture this year. And „World Choir Games” is one of the main events of the celebration.