Kurbads takes part in Gumball 3000

The annual celebrity and exclusive cars race “Gumball 3000” will start this weekend in Riga. More than 130 participants will challenge their luck and skill in the eight days long race from Riga to Mykonos in Greece.

In this project, vehicle transport and logistics company “Kurbads” will provide transportation of the “Gumball 3000” cars from local ports to Riga. Several of those 12 cars have traveled the furthest road. Vehicles like Rolls-Royce “Phantom Drophead Coupe” and Ferrari “F430” come all the way from the Middle East. We also had the honor to transport supercars like Dodge “Challenger”, Ford “Mustang”, Cadillac “CTS” and modified Porsche “Panamera”.

The loading and unloading of such supercars on car carriers is a precise work. Specifics are explained by Anatolijs Vasiļjevs, “Kurbads” drivers quality manager: “To transport and unload exclusive cars with low ride height, we need an appropriate car carrier in a very good technical condition. The main thing is a perfectly leveled ramp so the cars won’t get damaged during the unloading process.”

The route of 19th “Gumball 3000” goes from Riga through Warsaw, Budapest, Dubrovnik, Tirana, Athens to Mykonos. Among members of the teams we can find also participants from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. We hope that the race will be without accidents and according to the traffic rules.