“Kurbads” takes part in opening of “FBO RIGA” aviation center

On Tuesday in a special ceremony new business aviation center was opened in International airport “Riga”. 

Transport and logistics company’s “Kurbads” cooperation partner “Baltijas sporta auto” LTD is an official Porsche importer in Latvia. This establishment was part of an aviation center opening and exhibited their cars for the clients.

For the presentation “Kurbads” transported 12 Porsche cars to the airport from various locations. Also pre-exhibition preparation was made so the cars would look stunning.

The list of transported cars is truly impressive – 911 GT3, Macan S Diesel, Cayman GTS, 911 GTS, 911 Turbo S, Panamera 4 and 4S, Cayenne Turbo S and Cayenne S E-Hybrid.

12,5 million euros are invested in the new aviation center. It will be one of the biggest and advanced centers of this kind in the Baltics and Scandinavia.

“FBO RIGA” is a modern business aviation terminal covering more than 1200 square meters, heated hangar, platform with parking sports for business class planes and helicopters. Total area of the territory is 12000 square meters.

At the beginning of the business in 2000, holding “Flight Consulting Group” employed only two people. Now in the establishment are more than 70 employers. When the new aviation center will be fully operational  company plans to offer jobs for 60 additional workers.