Kurbads team at the Baltic Motor Show 2023

With a commitment to introduce and educate a wider audience about the services provided by Kurbads Detailing Centre and Kurbads Truck Service, the Kurbads team took part in the most colorful and biggest Motor Show in the Baltics – Baltic Motor Show 2023.

During the three-day exhibition, the Kurbads team provided visitors with detailed information about its services, with a particular focus on the anti-corrosion treatment of cars. Despite the fact that the service is quite well known, many visitors still had questions about the usefulness of the service, the treatment process itself and the warranty. Overall, this treatment is highly recommended for those who want to preserve the value of their car and ensure maximum protection against corrosion. Anti-corrosion treatment is recommended for both new and older cars, with appropriate pre-treatment preparation. New cars come with a 16-year warranty, giving customers long-term peace of mind.

A new Ford Raptor, which had undergone anti-corrosion treatment and was lifted with the help of a car hoist, was on display for a visual demonstration at the motor show. Visitors were able to freely access the car and see the car after the anti-corrosion treatment.

Another service package presented by the Kurbads Detailing team at the show was the ceramic treatment of the car, which is designed for surface hydrophobicity and to protect the car body from micro-damage. The ceramic coating also provides an extra layer of protection for the car’s paintwork, helping to preserve the car’s appearance and value over time. Gtechniq ceramic products were presented as well.

A Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 model was on display as a visual demonstration, with a full ceramic treatment on the body, windows, plastics, wheels, interior and seats.
Meanwhile, the Kurbads Truck Service team provided detailed information about its services, with a particular focus on the diversity of services available in the Kurbads Service Centre.
Kurbads Truck Service provides a comprehensive range of services for truck owners, including maintenance, repair and diagnostic services, guaranteeing the quality of its services and the professionalism of its technicians. With a commitment to provide excellent service and customer satisfaction, Kurbads Truck Service is considered one of the best and most modern truck service centers in Latvia.

The restored commercial Ford Transit van of the Kurbads Truck Service was also presented for visual inspection at the exhibition. The design was created by our long-time artist Alfreds Paulausks, who has been creating art on Kurbads carriers since the very beginning of the company.
The focus of the entire Kurbads team on presenting products and services in a clear and concise manner certainly demonstrates a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, which is very important in the competitive automotive industry.

A total of 166 participants from 9 countries took part and over the three days, 28,638 visitors came to the Baltic Motor Show 2023 in Ķīpsala.

Kurbads Detailing Centre would like to express its special gratitude to Gtechniq for their support in the Baltic Motor Show, and also to Inchcape for the Ford Mustang and Ford Raptor exhibits.

See you at the Baltic Motor Show 2024 next year!