Kurbads team-building in Austria on Film

In the early morning of October 5th, we all gathered at Riga Airport to embark on new adventures. The purpose of this team-building event was to exchange experiences, acquire new knowledge and spend quality time with colleagues outside of our daily routines.

Our journey began with a flight to Germany, from where we continued our trip to Austria to visit our cooperative partner’s factory in Salzburg. Kässbohrer is a company specializing in the production of truck trailers. During our visit, we had the opportunity to witness the entire trailer production process. The warm welcome by Victor, the head of the sales and service team, made our visit to the Kässbohrer factory memorable. He graciously guided us through the factory and the trailer production process along with the colleagues. Following with a delightful lunch, we later on explored the city center of Salzburg.

After a brief respite, we strolled through the streets of Salzburg, which is renowned as the capital of classicism. Salzburg, often considered one of the most beautiful cities in not only Austria, but all of Europe, boasts a rich cultural heritage, being the birthplace of Mozart. Art and culture permeate every corner of this enchanting city. We also had the opportunity to visit the ‘Hohensalzburg’ fortress, one of the oldest medieval fortresses in Europe, offering a panoramic view of the city. With a satisfying sense of fatigue, we dined on the traditional Austrian dishes, with a special mention of the famous Austrian schnitzel!

On the second day, we returned to Germany, Munich – renowned as the capital of the automotive industry. There, we visited the BMW museum, which showcases many historical cars and vision models of the future. A particular highlight was Elvis Presley’s BMW 507, which had languished in a dusty American barn for years before being meticulously restored and displayed in the museum.

Following our museum visit, we gathered for lunch, sharing our vivid impressions of the experiences we had gained. Soon, it was time to return to the airport and catch our flight back to our beloved homeland Latvia.