Kurbads tests latest Mercedes-Benz cars

On Wednesday 12th of October “Kurbads” employees had a chance to enjoy Mercedes-Benz latest masterpieces and to improve their driving skills in the “Star Experience Roadshov” event.

The event was organized by “Domenikss”, the official representative of Daimler Mercedes-Benz in Latvia. “Domenikss” is the cooperation partner of vehicle transportation and logistics company’s “Kurbads”.

The participants of “Star Experience Roadshow” were divided in four groups that were acquainted with latest technologies, driving characteristics and comfort of Mercedes-Benz 2017 cars by instructors from Germany.

Latest safety and intelligence systems were demonstrated. For example, how the car autonomously stops before pedestrian or before a car that has suddenly come across. Also the participants had a short course of extreme braking in emergency situations. Despite the fact that stopping power and quality of braking in Mercedes-Benz cars are more than impressive, the instructors emphasize – technologies are a guardian angel on the shoulder but they don’t guarantee complete evasion of an accident.

Nowadays Mercedes-Benz is unimaginable without it’s performance division – AMG. Cars like AMG C63, GT, CLA and A45 were available for testing in tricky “Bikernieki” racetrack.

“Kurbads” thanks “Domenikss” for the invitation and opportunity to test the latest Mercedes-Benz masterpieces!