“Kurbads” tests the new 2017 BMW X5

“Inchcape”, official BMW dealer in Latvia and cooperation partner of “Kurbads”, offered a chance to test the new BMW “X5”.

BMW “X5” with three-liter diesel engine (300 HP) and eight gear automatic transmission was the test car for couple of days. 

“As a driver I am always calm and peaceful that’s why comfort and latest technologies were my priorities in this road test,” says Mārtiņš Eglītis. “However, the car’s dynamics is more than good – when it was necessary to overtake on the highway, the BMW accelerated tremendously, I didn’t have to take any unnecessary risks. I am also surprised about the fuel consumption. A bit under 9l/100 km, I think is a very low amount for such vehicle.”

 “I really enjoyed BMW “Head-Up” display and it’s benefits – information about speed, road signs and navigation instructions for my destination. I think it’s a very good system because your eyes are always on the road. The display does not impair vision.”

“Road section Rīga-Jelgava I know better than my pockets. When I was wondering about my dinner and didn’t follow the lane borders, I felt steering wheel’s vibration. And that’s how I get to know “Lane Change Warning” system. Nice feature.”

“I had a funny accident when I drove this car for the first time. I was unaware that front headlights don’t turn on automatically so for a long time I was driving with daytime running lamps. They were so bright that I couldn’t feel the difference!

“BMW “X5″ is a SUV with a commanding view on the road from the driver’s position.  It’s a SUV, so it is meant also for off-road. I didn’t have a chance to test it in such conditions but I managed to take it out on the bumpy streets of Jelgava that are at least equal to off-road sections. The driving comfort there was marvelous – I didn’t feel any road holes, the car was very smooth and comfortable – it was a pleasure to drive!”

“I very much enjoyed this BMW “X5”! Thanks “Inchcape”!”