Kurbads – The Best Employer in the Transport Industry 2022

Kurbads – The Best Employer in the Transport Industry 2022

In a solemn event on November 15th at the Palace of the President, the best employers of Latvia were evaluated and the annual awards of the Confederation of Employers of Latvia were presented.

LDDK is a representative of employers at the national level, a socio-economic negotiation partner of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Latvian Free Trade Union, as well as the organization represents the interests of employers in the Saeima.

“Employers who are not only an essential part of Latvia’s economy, but also support their employees by providing a modern and safe working environment and conditions, were awarded to the local community and society as a whole,” emphasizes the general director of LDDK, Līga Menģelsone.

The award ceremony was attended in person by our Kurbads representatives- Toms Hartmanis – head of Kurbads logistics department and member of the board and Sintija Bērziņa – head of personnel and quality.

Toms Hartmanis emphasized that: “we are very honored to be on the stage and space with the best in other industries. The past few years have also been challenging for us, but our determination and values ​​have managed to keep us on the right track as we continue to grow. This award is like a good recognition of what we have done, which will motivate us to set an example in the future as well!”

We are very thankful for the appreciation and high rating!