Kurbads “The safest company car fleet” for the sixth year in a row

At the end of 2021, the competition “The safest company car fleet 2021” of the insurance company BALTA and the Ministry of Transport gathered for the ninth time (this time remotely) with the representatives of the most efficient and responsible car fleets to jointly evaluate their practices, receiving an expert assessment of the fleet.

The organizers of the competition are extremely happy and proud that the number of competitors is consistently growing from year to year, and every year you can see both long-term participants who can set an example in terms of fleet organization and level of responsibility, and new competitors seeking an independent perspective on their fleet, expert advice and new ideas for improvement.

The topic of the 2021 competition was chosen to be a very painful issue that directly or indirectly affects every inhabitant of Latvia and is also very apt to describe the management of the company’s fleet – these are road traffic accidents, their prevention and management. Unfortunately, despite twenty years of progress, it is still more dangerous to drive on Latvian roads than in other European Union member states. However, the organizers of the competition “The safest company fleet” also see a positive trend – the companies encountered in the competition are aware of this issue and are ready to add value in reducing the “dark” statistics.

The performance of the contestants is improving year by year. The evaluation process showed that the level of additional safety equipment for newer vehicles in company fleets is increasing. Of course, special mention should be made of those companies that pay more attention to sustainability issues and ensure that not only the car fleet but also the way of thinking of employees becomes greener.

This year, a total of 29 company, state and municipal car fleets have been awarded, which, by actively and responsibly participating in the improvement of road safety, are best able to balance all road safety components in their daily operations – Car, Business, People.

With the help of the competition, the organizers want to create a group of like-minded people in the transport sector who meet at least once a year with a common goal: to share knowledge and good practice, making Latvian roads safer and the working environment in the transport sector more pleasant and engaging.


“The award is an additional guarantee that we know how to maintain the quality of our work. We can provide the customer with the highest level of service, directly observing all the nuances of safe fleet management. It all starts with the employee – our core value. The training process for safe and successful freight transport is what lays the foundations for everything else involved.

Everything continues with the technical provision of the fleet – we keep track of how quickly and qualitatively we maintain it. Dynamics are one thing, but they must be sound, adequate, without missing important elements. It is clear that the company’s response and the developed policy regarding accidents, their supervision and management also play an important role. Each of the managers of our company’s departments is involved in this process and makes their unique contribution to improving it (a manual has been developed, additional rules, the flow of information on various changes related to covid, etc.).

As well as the fact that we have retained this rating of gold, it is an honour. It allows us to understand that it is important not only to reach this gold standard but rather to maintain the achieved level,” notes Sintija Bērziņa, Head of Human Resources at Kurbads.


Ivars Čiblis, Kurbads truck service manager: “The fact that Kurbads won this award means that we are constantly thinking about both technical and procedural issues in fleet management. This means that everything is done to make both the driver and those around them feel safe on the road. A system has been set up to monitor this at all times. It allows us to analyze ourselves in comparison to others. We are also on the lookout for what good practices can be learned from others and what can be improved. We were also able to get a valuable perspective from the jury. And we received recommendations of what could be improved.

This year, there was a strong focus on ecological and environmental issues, and for the first time in the competition, a concept such as the sustainability of the company was introduced, which lately is thought of more frequently in the Kurbads and Ko group of companies.”


In conclusion, we proudly quote the jury’s comment: “Congratulations on your well-deserved gold medal in the competition, showing a great result — one that serves as a model for the entire category of international hauliers! Not in vain — when the members of the jury were asked to highlight the things that Kurbads does better than others, our answer was concise — “All of them!”

We would like to extend our gratitude to insurance company BALTA and the Ministry of Transport! Kurbads will continue to make improvements to promote a greener and safer future and will continue to encourage others to follow suit.