Kurbads truck drivers improve their driving skills

On Friday, 13th of May, vehicle transporting company’s “Kurbads” logistics centre was visited by “Safe Driving School”(DBS) instructor Aivis Dreimanis to evaluate the economic driving skills of our drivers in city traffic. Three “Kurbads” truck drivers – Juris Cirvelis, Andris Bernāns and Māris Purvēns are preparing for “Volvo Fuel Challenge” race.

Latvia’s qualification of “Volvo Fuel Challenge” takes place from May 3 to June 2. The three best results that will have the smallest fuel consumption will qualify for Baltic region finals, which will take place in Poland on 10th of June.

Andris Bernāns, one of the best “Kurbads” truck drivers, admits: “It was a wonderful opportunity to drive together with the expert from “Safe Driving School” because I know the theory perfectly well but there are always some minor mistakes when I’m by the wheel. The instructors acknowledged us as experienced and qualified drivers. But there are some details that can be improved to raise our level of driving even higher. Speaking about “Volvo Fuel Challenge”, I would say that luck is the key element. But I still want to win!”

The truck driving skills of the three “Kurbads” drivers were evaluated by experienced “DBS” expert Aivis Dreimanis who said appreciative words about our men: “I can see that they have a lot of experience and knowledge. There were few nuances about the technical side that we can improve, for example, you can accelerate faster with higher RPMs when using Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines. “Kurbads” drivers know how to use inertia, they observe traffic ahead and they drive strategically smart. Hats off!”

Anatolijs Vasiļjevs, drivers quality manager of “Kurbads” says: “The instructor from “DBS” admitted that we have done a great job in preparing our drivers for economic and safe driving in traffic. The drivers choose appropriate driving style in every situation. About the fuel challenge race, I want to say that the winner is determined by various circumstances, but the experience and the skill acquired in the race stays on and that is the most valuable gain!”