Laura Tone: running is a great way to unwind!

Transportation and logistics company’s Kurbads human resources manager Laura Tone is a believer in running philosophy and attended the race ‘’Women’s Run 2016’ on Sunday.

Laura actively attends different running events. She has ran in ‘Nike Riga Run’ and ‘Lattelecom’ marathons several times and recently, she debuted in ‘Women’s Run 2016’ in 7,5 km distance, where she achieved a new personal best time.

‘Kurbads’ human resources manager is not new to sports, she used to be a cross country skier in her youth. ‘Back then, winters were longer and I liked attending skiing competitions. I once won second place. In high school, I played basketball, but now, I run to keep my body and health in good shape.’

‘When I come back from work in the evening, I go running. When I run, I detach my mind from work and from my problems, and enjoy the moment- the beauty of river Daugava, the birds in the sky, the nature around me. For me, this is the best way to unwind, to charge my batteries and prepare for the next day,’ Laura reveals the reasons why running gives energy for work, where she cares for more than 70 employees.

Laura describes participation in mass races as a final game in ice hockey when the results of practice are tested: ‘It is a test for myself, it gives me the knowledge that I can do it! The aim is the finish line. In work, it’s the same- if you don’t stop and finish the job, there is a good result. The aim motivates me in running and at work.’

For people who want to start running, Laura has a simple recommendation- start with small distances and work your way up. The main thing is to not set your aim too high, otherwise you will lose your hunger for running fast.