Līgo Celebrations at Kurbads, and dedication of the 103rd Car Transporter Trailer

Our strength is in traditions. All our colleagues from the Car Transporter Company “Kurbads”, “DBC autocentrs” and “Kurbads Ice Rink” annually celebrate the Latvian Midsummer festival of Līgo, every single time improving the traditions and rituals of the festivities.  We have cooperated for years with folklorist Inese Krūmiņa and her wonderful team, who provide us with the opportunity to celebrate this festival according to authentic traditions and experiences.

Dedication of the Car Transporter Trailer 

This time we combined the Līgo celebrations with the dedication of our 103rd Car Transporter Trailer with the symbol of the “Laima Broom”. Once again the author of this design is Alfreds Paulausks. Laima is the goddess of luck, blessing and happiness in Latvian folklore. She is the guardian of souls. One uses the “Laima Broom” to sweep away all that is bad. Should you face a fight, it will help you beat anyone who goes into the fight with unfair principles. Under the guardianship of Laima, the European highways will be conquered by our experienced driver-expeditor Kaspars Purvēns.

Car transportation

“Kurbads”, “DBC autocentrs” and “Kurbads Ice Rink” employees gave their blessing and strength to the 103rd car transporter trailer. Under the guidance of the folklorist Inese Krūmiņa we sang the “Laima Song”, and the men joined in the bear dance, thus transferring all their strength unto the transporter. Usually ladies use threads of yarn to cast good wishes unto the symbol of strength, however this time the ritual was enhanced with wild flowers picked during the night of Midsummer.

Līgo Celebrations at Kurbads

As part of the Līgo Celebrations, the ladies made flower wreaths and made the Jāņi cheese together with Inese. All the men joined in a game of ancient hockey – using wooden sticks and a wooden puck. Friendship won at the end of a fierce battle. Other games and dances were supported by the music group “Brička”, who were able to get every single person on the dance floor.

There are two other annual traditions during our Līgo celebrations – we congratulate all our male colleagues named Jānis, and we give awards to the best dressed. This year the “Kurbads” gardener Zane Catlakša received an award as the best dressed woman, and “Kurbads” Head of the Service Ivars Čiblis received an award as the best dressed man.

As the bagpipes and the drums continued to play, we lit the Jāņi barrel, and all the men joined in the dance of strength around the bonfire. It brought great joy to all who were there!