Mercedes-AMG GT R PRO – triumph on the highway

Luxury, power and sport – it can describe every Mercedes-Benz car. In early April, one of the special models of the Mercedes-AMG GT R PRO arrived at the Kurbads Logistics Center – the custom, adjustable race suspension and lightweight-metal design – allows the car to slip elegantly down the road. The Venturi effect in aerodynamics does its own – the look of the new model is worthy of a race car. It is worth mentioning that there are only 750 models worldwide.

Four years ago, Mercedes-AMG GT convincingly conquered world-wide sports car arenas and most of the market. This model not only shocked regular customers and sports car enthusiasts, but also created new challenges for competitors. With time, details have been polished, improving driving dynamics and the control system.

The new Mercedes-AMG GT R PRO model has been improved with even more power and performance. The race modification model is equipped with a four-liter V8 biturbo engine that develops 585 horsepower.
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes just 3.6 seconds, and the maximum speed is 318 km/h. Average fuel consumption per 100 kilometres – 11.4 litres.

The car pulls magnetically to the road when driving at high speed. To reduce the unladen mass, the roof of the car, the cardan shaft, the transmission tunnel, the front wings and other parts are made of carbon fiber. This model is therefore 15 kg lighter than the GT S.

Heads turn not just because of the sound of the engine, but also the visual appearance. “AMG green hell magno” – this is the name of the exclusive AMG GT R colour linked to the northern circle of the legendary Nurburgring route. Body-fitting sports seats allow you to enjoy the journey as much as possible.

In European car dealerships, the Mercedes-AMG GT R PRO model was first offered in March of 2017. The price of one such vehicle was starting from EUR 175 000.