Mercedes-Benz 230 Pullman-Landaulet 1939 – an authentic retro masterpiece

Teleportation to the late 1930s with the Mercedes-Benz 230 Pullman-Landaulet in 1939 is truly bona fide. Nowadays, there are more and more collectors of exclusive cars, so real treasures can be found visiting the Kurbads logistics center. The Mercedes-Benz 230 Pullman-Landaulet, built in 1939, has regained its second breath thanks to its skilled craftsmen.

The name of the car model includes the characteristic “Pullman.” Pullman translates from English as “extremely comfortable train wagon.” The title originated in America and is still used. The Mercedes-Benz model is equipped with an extra-long wheelbase and an extended passenger compartment, which usually has four separate seats, facing each other, as usual in limousines. However, the description of the model in the English translation of ‘Landaulet’ means ‘superstructure’s type with an opening roof above the backseats’. The very first and special “Pullman-Landaulet” with a semi-opening roof, and an even more raised roof and four doors was given by the company in 1964 to Pope Paul VI of Rome, a gift the Vatican accepted and used for 20 years.

The Mercedes-Benz 230 Pullman-Landaulet 1939 was produced in the 1930s, when status in society was more important than it is today. The car is equipped with a 55 horsepower engine. The maximum speed that this retro car can reach is 116 km / h. The average fuel consumption per 100 km is 14 l.

Hearing about the Mercedes-Benz brand, everyone’s thoughts become visualized and associated with high-class elegance, luxury and the fulfillment of dreams. Given the status of this special model retro car, it is clear that Mercedes-Benz values go hand in hand through the centuries. The elegant black color of the car forms an organic combination with the cream-colored interior of the passenger compartment. Also, the driver’s and passenger’s areas are separated, so the mood of the limousine is not lost.

Exclusive retro cars are mostly sold at auctions. Consequently, the price range is indeterminate, the more exclusive the offer, the higher the price the car collector is willing to pay for it. The price of Mercedes-Benz 230 Pullman-Landaulet starts from 40 000 EUR.