Monte Carlo retro rally participants from Latvia transported by Kurbads

The prestigious “Rallye Monte-Carlo historique” this year once again featured participants from Latvia. Four crews from Latvia started their way to historic rally on “Kurbads” car carriers.

Latvian teams raced with 1958 Jaguar “XK150”, 1968 Jaguar “E-Type”, 1979 Mazda “RX-7” and the icon of Soviet car manufacturing – Lada “1500S”.

The retro rally took place from January 29th to February 1st when the winners were determined. Unofficially race starts few days earlier as participants from various locations around Europe start their journey to Monaco. That is why “Kurbads” transported vehicles from Riga to Frankfurt and Rheims.

The historic rally is being run for the 20th year and is restricted to car models that competed in the Monte Carlo Rallies between 1955 and 1980. It will run on open public roads with the cars and crews having undertaken a series of fourteen demanding test stages in the mountains of southern France. The rally follows the same route to Monte Carlo, the goal of the competition simply being to finish in Monte Carlo after checking in at a series of control points on the way.

The best result among participants from Latvia was achieved by Boriss Valčeks/Iļja Zakmans crew – 34th place. Kārlis Miķelsons/Normunds Vuguls finished in 130th postion, Agris Stanēvičs/Jānis Kirkovalds in 159th and Iļja Kašins/Edgars Svencis in 189th. The race was won by a team from Belgium with Opel “Ascona 2000”.

There were many celebrities and iconic cars on the starting grid. Daniel Elena, 9 times World champions as co-driver to Sebastien Loeb, sat by the wheel of VW “Golf GTI”. The race also featured such legendary cars as Seat “124 Especial 1800”, Lancia “Stratos”, Fiat “125”, Saab “97 Sonett”, Matra “Djet 6”, Citroen “Tractien 11 BL” and Porsche “911”. Oldest vehicle of the race – Austin “Taxi”.

Impressive number of 333 crews took in the race.