Morgan Roadster – a sportsman with good manners

If you are looking for a Morgan that provides exceptional performance but still is well mannered and easy to drive, then look no further than the Morgan “Roadster”, a car that automotive logistics company “Kurbads” was entrusted to transport to a destination far far away. 

Tradition is a word that best describes Morgan car manufacturing philosophy. “Roadster” design is very close to what Morgan’s fans expect from the model. Tradition is everywhere, from drilled “Moto-Lita” steering wheel to retro Smiths instruments. Rock-hard seats and floor-hinged pedals keep you bolt upright like a private school teacher with a predilection for discipline.

Traditional engineering solutions are also found in the chassis that transmit every foible on the road.  You will find out that some places on the highway are not so smooth as you previously thought. Every smoothly taken curve is a small victory.

The Roadster was never intended as a commuter car. Think Morgan and you think open roads, country lanes, picnics in fields. Roadster makes sense in that environment. “Roadster’s” engine and chassis deliver easy and comfortable ride on long stints on the highway.

The elegant British vehicle is powered by Ford V6 3,7 litre engine that delivers 220 HP.  Get near the 6700rpm cut-out and the 24-valve V6 emits a glorious howl that makes your heart beat faster. The engine ensures reliable torque in every RPM range. 

It has a cool classical concept but trendy modern times speed. A true Morgan.

The price varies from 40 to 50 thousand British pounds.