New addition for Kurbads fleet

Kurbads has acquired one more modern addition straight from Austria to its already big fleet of car carriers. This time it is „Kässbohrer” company’s „Modolan Plus” model, which is first of the kind in Baltics and only third in whole Europe. Modern equipment has many crucial advantages for improving Kurbads service even more.

„Modolan Plus” can be used with all truck chassies from leading manufacturers. Improved aerodynamics and fully galvanized superstructure from light-weight metal with low loading height helps reducing fuel consumpion, which is very important for car carriers. Specific „Modolan Plus” model weight is 3000 kg without cargo. Fully loaded it can manage 15-18 tons. One more significant advantage is that front and rear platforms are hydraulically adjustable. That allows to load one car unit more than before.

Arnis Kalniņš, driver of the new car carrier: „Building of Lego house. In the childhood I loved to play with Lego now i will be able to operate with „Modolan Plus” in similar style loading and unloading cars”. Complicated, but more efficient loading system characterizes Arnis. „It is really great pleasure to sit in a completely fresh car with specific aroma of new cars. The cabin is much more comfortable, which is very important for lorry drivers. We cant load cars as fast as we would wish right now, but we will surely improve. Now we can load six cars on the new car carriers. Before we could manage only five!”

Kurbads has a nice tradition from the founding of company. All employees gather on the street to wish good luck for car carriers travelling to their first trips. New „Kässbohrer Modolan Plus” with Arnis by the wheel is safely performing its duties on the highways of Europe.