New and modern work wear for Kurbads

Development in the transport field is a rapid process and that is why “Kurbads” has chosen to supply its truck drivers and warehouse employees with new and modern work wear, adjusted to the specifics of vehicle transport.

One set of clothing includes a jacket, trousers and overalls. A mix of materials is used to ensure that clothes dry faster and have good ventilation.

“We decided to create a new collection of work wear according to suggestions from our employees,” says Edgars Krievāns, Head of the household. “We embedded more reflective colors, adjusted the location of pockets and rubber band. The clothing has special belts that ensure the safety of the driver and the cargo.”

The work wear is made very similar to racing driver suits with the same movement freedom and comfort.

“Our drivers not only look good in this outfit but also can be easily seen in the dark hours of the day. Safety comes first,” Edgars Krievāns emphasizes the importance of safety.

Positive feedback already has also come from the drivers: “Not always we get a chance to work in well-lit places, that is why it is important to have reflective elements in our clothing. I really like the new design. The collar on the jacket is really helpful in winter and autumn. The rubber band on the sides helps cover the back when moving. During loading or unloading process, the whole body is covered. The new work wear makes our work a bit easier,” first impressions from Andris Bernāns, “Kurbads” driver.

“Kurbads” work wear was manufactured by Latvian establishment SIA “PRIVA COM”.