New Audi R8 available for clients in Latvia

The new Audi R8, highly anticipated, the most sportive and powerful product from Ingolstadt factory, has been presented to the clients in Latvia and is available for buying in “Moller Auto Rīga”. Vehicle transport company “Kurbads” had the honour to deliver the latest Audi R8 model to the presentation in “Moller Auto Rīga” dealership.

“Kurbads” cooperation partner is the only dealer in Latvia who has the rights to sell the Audi R8. The vehicle centre provides highly qualified salesmen and service workers who are responsible for the R8 and RS series sales. The establishment is also the sole “Audi Sport” dealer in Latvia.

Audi’s luscious R8 is beautiful to behold, easy to live with, and simply marvelous to drive – all the qualities you could want in a supercar. It is an exclusive supercar that has a very wide profile of possible uses – during the week it is a perfect car for driving to work, during the weekends you can choose any race track and push it to the limit. 

“This car transfers our extensive knowledge about motorsports from racing tracks to the roads,” says Ulrich Hackenberg, board member for Audi Technical Development. Audi says the road car shares 50% of its components with the new R8 LMS racing car. The two were developed in parallel this time around. 

But it is not the only link with the racing world. The R8 second generation is based on Lamborghini “Huracan” – it shares the same engine, transmission, partially carbon-fiber floor and bulkhead, chassis hard points, steering system, and electronic architecture. Meaning it’s the software that gives each of those components a very different character in the two supercars. The Audi is dowdier and marginally less exciting.

The differences in design comparing to first generation. The styling is edgier, the lines of the trapezoidal front grille sharper, but from more than 20 yards away it still looks more like a facelift than a new car. Audi hasn’t exactly gone to town on the styling. But do classic and tasteful things need changes? 

This time Audi offers only V10 engines. Two versions are available – standart edition with 540 HP and “Plus” with 610 HP. Standard all-wheel drive. There is no manual gearbox either, just a seven-speed S tronic twin-clutch box and an updated quattro four-wheel drive system.