New Porsche 911 transported to Baltics

Last week the highly anticipated, new Porsche “Carrera 911” was transported from Stuttgart to Riga by the vehicle transport company “Kurbads”.

The 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show in September was the place where the new “911” was revealed on the world stage. But last weekend the sports car was exhibited in Porsche official dealership in Riga. This weekend the Porsche will also be in Vilnius.

There’s always a lot of fanfare around a new version of the iconic Porsche 911. But for 2016, there’s a huge reason to take notice.

40 years of turbo experience in motorsport and series production has resulted in a new engine. The iconic 3,7 l normally aspirated engines have been swapped with 3.0l twin-turbo flat six, generating 370 hp or 420 hp in the more sportive “Carrera S” version. The completely new engine generation featuring twin-turbo provides a 20 hp increase compared to the previous models.

The turbo engine has significantly increased torque and fuel economy. “Porsche” says that the new “911” engines are almost twelve percent more efficient compared to the previous generation.

Porsche and other sports car manufacturers love to demonstrate the performance of their cars in the “Green Hell”. Porsche “Carrera S” edition can lap the famous Nurburgring race track in 7 minutes and 30 seconds, exactly 12 seconds faster than previous “911”.

There are tasteful improvements in “911” well known design – new headlights with four-point daytime running lights, integrated door handle recesses, a new shape for the front intakes and a redesigned rear deck lid.

Price in Latvia – starting from 120 808 EUR.