Our hero of the year – Ģirts Baumanis – announced at Superheroes New Year's ball

The superheroes of “Kurbads” took a timeout from defending humanity against evil forces and gathered for our New Year’s party to honor the best employees of the year.

The annual ball is the one and the only occasion when all “Kurbads” superheroes and their beloved ones can get together and celebrate in a cheerful and sincere atmosphere.

A true joy, hugs, smiles and thank you speeches are the cornerstones of the Best Employees of the Year awards ceremony. A pack of teenage mutant ninja turtles, batmen, supermen, Jedi masters and many local folk heroes hailed establishment’s heroes who received special prizes made by artist Arvīds Endziņš. 

As sun always sets in the West and Batman always prevails against gangsters, the most prestigious award of the ball is the “Best Kurbads driver”. In sports we say that it’s harder to defend the title than earn it for the first time. Maybe. But to win the best driver’s award twice is a massive achievement! Ģirts Baumanis has managed to do it for the first time in establishment’s history!

After the awards ceremony superheroes showed their dancing skills in the rock ‘n’ roll music played by “Dziļi Violets” band. Also our heroes didn’t hesitate to picture themselves together with other superheroes or tried their skills in solving of different puzzles.

Let pictures do the talking!

The nominees for “Best Kurbads driver” in 2016:

– Ģirts Baumanis

– Māris un Kaspars Purvēni

– Juris Cirvelis

The award goes to Ģirts Baumanis.

The nominees for “Best Kurbads employee” in 2016:

– Solveiga Rjastas

– Uldis Čalpa

– Toms Hartmanis

The award goes to Toms Hartmanis.

The nominees for “Best Kurbads truck service employee” in 2016:

– Pāvels Larins

– Andris Matesovičs

– Andris Rasmanis

The award goes to Andris Rasmanis.

The nominees for “Best Kurbads PDI employee” in 2016:

– Arvis Sjanita

– Ilmārs Brasliņš

– Rinalds Osis

The award goes to Ilmārs Brasliņš.  

The nominees for “Best Kurbads young drvier” in 2016:

– Ervīns Morkins

– Arnis Grunšteins

– Māris Labarēvics

The award goes to Ervīns Morkins.

We wish our superheroes even more fruitful 2017!