Reliable Italian pocket knife in Kurbads

“Kurbads” automotive logistics company was entrusted to transport one of the most iconic Italian vehicles of all time – Fiat “500”. More than 3,8 million units of Fiat “500” were manufactured from 1957 to 1975.

In Europe, the fifties were a postwar period when society demanded fuel friendly, low budget cars. Fiat engineers nailed it and the car was a massive hit instantly.

During 18 years of production six different “500” specifications were offered. “Kurbads” logistics center was visited by Fiat “500 Lusso” that means luxury in Italian. This was one of the last models that experienced modifications before production was stopped. “Lusso” model is characterized by a modernized interior, dashboard and chrome trim.

The little pocket knife is perfectly suited for the narrow and historical Italian streets.  Car’s length is 2,97 m, width – 1,32 m, weight – 530 kg which is quite a lot for two carburetor engine with 18 HP engine. But it can accelerate to it’s maximum speed – 95 km/h.

Front seats are as big as you think they are. And the back seat is big enough for small children or for a grocery bag. It is not recommended to put too much weight on the 12 inch wheels.

Italian classics are trending right now – car costs around 10000 euro.