Retro rally says its goodbyes to Latvia.

On June 26th, 18 retro cars arrived at Riga as a part of the “Amber trophy” retro car rally. They had come all the way from Italy and Riga was chosen as their destination.

At midday, the elegant and historic vehicles were on display by the Town Hall in Old Riga and from there they left for “Kurbads” car transport and logistics centre where they were loaded on trucks for safe transportation home.

On the 2200 km journey they were accompanied by a ‘Kurbads’ vehicle carrier just in case anything happens they could be easily transported. 

Paolo Nicolussi, the organiser of “Amber Trophy” retro rally, clarifies the aim of the project: “Italy held the EU presidency before Latvia. We thought that it would be worth strengthening the national relations and friendship by organising the rally.”

“We chose “Kurbads”, because it has a good reputation and the quality corresponds to the price. We are sure that there will be no worries about the cars”, Mr Nicolussi justifies trusting “Kurbads”.

Three vehicle carriers will be used to take the cars back to Italy. On the 2200 km journey they were also accompanied by a “Kurbads” vehicle carrier just in case anything happens they could be easily transported.  

“I have been admiring the views on the road, but i am even more amazed by Riga with its beautiful architecture and kind people”, Gabrielle, a regular in retro rallies and a proud owner of a Ferrari F355 GTS, expresses his joy. “Having taken in “Kurbads” territory, i am sure that i will get my car back in perfect condition.”

The drivers and their road-alongs will be going back to Italy by plane.

The retro car rally “Amber trophy” is a symbolic journey on the historic amber road, which lead from Venice through Austria, Czech Republic, Poland to the Baltics. One of the aims of the rally is to honour Latvia’s presidency in EU.

The project is backed by Italy’s “Radio Vicenza” and the guests of honour are the secretariat of Latvia’s presidency in EU, Latvian embassy in Italy and “Antique car club of Latvia”.