Our 100th car carrier – Latvian warrior Namejs!

Yesterday was a legendary day for Kurbads establishment as we greeted our anniversary – the 100th car carrier in our fleet. The design is dedicated to ancient Semigallian king Namejs, designed by Latvian artist Alfreds Paulausks.

“Namejs is a historical figure that is a very good prototype for a hero, as it’s a personality that has evolved in a national legend. Not every nation has that. The combination of Kurbads and Namejs ir very powerful, as Kurbads is a folk hero but has no real prototype, but Namejs is a real historical person that gives a very special attractiveness to the legend of Namejs,” says folklorist Inese Krūmiņa.

Sigita and Renārs Jakobsoni is our first double crew that has received a new car carrier, and that’s why Renārs was knighted as a warrior in a proper ceremony while Sigita was entrusted with the role of godmother and received the Namejs ring.

“One who explores history, blesses future! Nowadays, when we have huge amounts of various information, it’s very important to tell and be proud of our ancient, strong and wise historical heroes. It’s important for our nation to be proud of what we have. Historically, Namejs, the same as Karl Benz were great men – rebels in some way. As when Karl Benz created the first automobile, then Kaiser declared that automobiles are just for a short while. But now the stars shine across our time, the same as our values and Latvian ancient signs. So it’s a great honor that the 100th Kurbads car carrier is Mercedes-Benz, the most progressive Actros!” said “Domenikss” member Jānis Dambītis.

“Renārs and Sigita Jakobsoni is our perfect dynamic duo, and they are our only double crew. As a married couple and also as colleagues they are really good together. I have known Renārs for a long time – since he started to work on car carrier #40, then he continued with #71 and, now, he and Sigita are entrusted with the 100th car carrier,” Anatolijs Vasiļjevs, Kurbads drivers mentor, tells about the crew. “Tidiness and order in their cabin is a masterpiece itself, it’s the best among all colleagues. Professionalism, experience and communication are three pillars that describes those drivers. Also, the fuel economy data is at the top level. They use all the available technologies, so I think they will feel very comfortably in the new truck! Hats off to them!”

The anniversary 100th car carrier will be the latest generation Mercedes-Benz Actros that has some very interesting innovations!

Ivars Čiblis, Kurbads service manager, has a wide list of improvements in the new Mercedes-Benz Actros: “It has a completely new design from outside and a completely reworked interior. As we have the big cabin, we had a chance to choose bigger engine – the 12,8 liter diesel engine with 480 hp, that will help to reduce fuel consumption and the engine will last longer. It will the most powerful unit in our fleet.

But mainly I want to emphasize the new list of technologies. The revolution has happened with mirrors. There are no classical mirrors anymore as they are substituted with digital displays inside the cabin. Of course, the driver will have to adjust to them but they offer a wider angle, it’s equipped with lane change systems and they also show parking trajectories when going backwards. They will definitely improve the safety.

But there is a wide list of other technologies – multifunctional wheel, control display with a touchpad. It all helps with the ergonomics so the driver is fully focused on the road. I want to mention the system that copies the movement of the vehicle in front, helping to travel with the same speed and keep a safe distance. Also the system that remembers the road profile, angles of corners is improved. I can feel that the safety is the priority in this vehicle thus taking the load off the driver.