The car that triggered a revolution in the industry

Ford Model T was the car that for the first time made it possible for middle class people to afford a car.

Since childhood, Henry Ford, the founder of Ford and engineer of Model T, was obsessed with creative inventions, especially cars. In the last decade of the 19th century anyone who had the mind of an engineer and who could work a hammer could become a giant in the automotive industry.

In 1903, after unsuccessful work in other projects and his own car’s triumph in the 10 miles race, Henry Ford founded his car manufacture ‘Ford Motor Company’. Although at first the company, just like others at the time, made expensive, for the wider public rather unavailable cars, in 1906. Ford announced: ‘I will build a car for the wider public!’, a revolutionary step at the time.

After a careful study of the competitor’s cars, two years of drafts, adapting the conveyor and building a special steel fabric in 1908, the first Model T saw daylight. For 825 US dollars (the average pay for an hour was 20 cents at the time) the client could buy around 550kg heavy, easy to maneuver car with a four cylinder and 20 hp engine. The simple, durable and versatile bolid capivated the public. During the first test drive, the car was steered by Ford’s assistant because he himself was too excited to do it.

In the six years after the starting to manufacture Model T, its price fell every year, making it more and more affordable. In 1913, 250 cars were sold, controlling 48% of US market. Overall, 15 million Model T cars were built.

The pictured car is one of the last Model T’s ever built, because the last produced Model T was steered out of the factory by Henry and Edsel Ford in 1927. This one is built in 1926, registered in Latvia and we expect to see it in ‘Oldtimer’ movement’s events.