The new Mini Countryman has arrived in Latvia!

There was shock among some Mini fans when the brand launched the “Countryman” six years ago but it turned out to be a success story. Today, second generation model arrives in Latvia on a “Kurbads” car carrier.

Mini brand has an interesting history and traditions with a strong notion of certain visual aspects. The new “Countryman” is a proof that Mini is determined to put it aside to conquer new markets.

2nd generation model now is the undisputed king of the Mini lineup – it is the biggest car the firm has ever produced. The new “Countryman” is 20 cm longer and 3 cm wider than before. That places it between the Audi “Q2” and “Q3” in terms of size – and those cars are its main rivals. The extra size moves it closer to a SUV class. A bigger boot – 450 liters seats up, 1309 seats down, a 220-litre improvement over the previous “Countryman”. Additional space gives more room to the driver who now has a commanding view out of the cabin. The latest “Countryman” has split rear seats, with 13 cm of forwards/backwards adjustability and variable-tilt backrests.

Mini vehicles are powered by it’s big brother engines from BMW. The “Countryman” is not an exception – two petrol and two diesel engines are available. A client can choose between a 1,5-liter (134 HP) or a 2,0-liter (189 HP) petrol turbo engines. If the client prefers diesel – the choice is between 2,0 liter engines with various power – 148 or 187 HP. AWD is an option with all engines. Front-wheel drive is standard, with a choice of manual or automatic gearboxes.

Special news is “Mini Countryman Cooper S ALL4” hybrid. Mini follows car manufacturers trends worldwide regarding ecology and has made a step towards green technology. The hybrid uses a turbo-three engine paired with an 87 HP electric motor. The combo is good for a combined 221 HP. A 7.6-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack provides juice to the electric motor, and can be recharged in three hours. The plug-in can travel 24 miles on electric power alone. The “E Countryman” will be the quickest in the range with an estimated 0-100 time of 6,8 seconds.

Looks-wise the car strongly resembles it’s predecessor – it keeps all the visual cues of the outgoing model, adding a slight dose of angularity. The grille is now slimmer but there is no doubt that the car will be recognized as a “Countryman” on the streets.

Safety kit includes collision warning and auto city braking as standard, while adaptive cruise control, pedestrian warning, road-sign detection, a rear view camera and auto high beams are on the extras list.

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