The Opening of the new logistics centren

With a massive event this Friday, the 24th of August, we opened our new Kurbads logistics centre. Amongst our guests we had our clients as well as our business partners. Throughout the evening our guests were entertained by the legendary band ‘Los Amigos’, the great graffiti artist Aleksejs Odnorukovs (ELEMENT), and also motorcyclist Jānis Rozītis who performed an amazing show which included a motorcycle jump from one vehicles curriers to another, symbolizing us moving from our old logistics centre to the new one.

The new Kurbads logistics centre is located in Riga, Maskavas street 432. The new territory is 5 hectares big and with a specialized parking lot, it is possible to fit in up to 2000 cars. This area includes pre-sale service workshops for the cars taking up 900 m2, a vehicles curriers repair area taking 500 m2 of the territory, and a new office building taking 400 m2 of the premises.

Kurbads would like thank everyone who took part in creating the new centre. Especially SIA ‘VMR Ceļi’, SIA ‘Arniks’, Baiba Plēpe, SIA “SeJa & Co’, SIA ‘JPD’ and Jānis Ulbiks as well as architecture office “Grietēns un Kagainis”!