The return of Italian class – Alfa Romeo Guilia

The only Alfa Romeo “Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde” has been delivered to “Autobrava” dealership in Latvia. With this car the Italian car manufacturer hopes to return to the paths of glory and leave no chances for competitors. 

Serious intentions to create a true masterpiece are confirmed by the fact that Philippe Krief, Ferrari’s technical director, personally oversaw the development of “Guilia”. Also the initial design was sent back to the drawing board by Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

“Giulia’s” sports edition “Quadrifoglio Verde” (four-leaf clover) is the pearl of the model range. This supercar was presented to public long before more common editions. “4C” and “8C”, previous cars from Alfa Romeo, had a lot of parts from group’s other vehicles. This time the chassis and the engine are made in Italy.

“Quadrifoglio Verde’s” engine is a story itself. It is made with skillful arms of Ferrari masters. The 2,9l V6 twin-turbo engine has a 510 HP and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3,9 seconds. A 7:32 lap in Nurburging, fastest ever by a sedan, is a proof of wonderful interaction between chassis and the engine. 

“The new “Guilia” sedan continues Alfa Romeo’s strong traditions, leaving nobody unmoved with it’s visual appeal, sportiness and great handling. This sedan is built based on “la meccanica delle emozioni” – the feel of the mechanics,” says “Autobrava” director Andris Sivickis.

The simpler, people’s “Giulia” is more timid but still has wonderful dynamics, great maneuverability and Italian elegance in design. Those Alfa Romeo “Giulia” cars will have 2,0l gasoline turbo engines or 2,2l diesel engines with different power outputs.

The new Alfa Romeo cars are already available for purchase in Latvia. “Giulia” model price range starts from 33 490 euro, “Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde” – from 69 990 euro.