The third generation Porsche Cayenne has arrived in Latvia!

Vehicle transportation company Kurbads was the first to transport the new generation of Porsche “Cayenne” models to Latvia. Cars are already available for purchase at the Porsche center in Riga.

The “Cayenne” name now has an established presence in the sport and luxury SUV. When Porsche first introduced the “Cayenne”, it was still a novelty for a high-end luxury sports car manufacturer to produce an SUV. Porsche, however, realized that those with money to spend on a high-end car were increasingly opting for the higher seating position and stature of an SUV over more traditional luxury sedans.

It’s taken Porsche 54 years to build 1 million “911”s but just 15 years to build three-quarters that many “Cayennes”. Porsche engineers love nothing more than creating better, faster “911”s. But they know the SUVs must look and feel as much like Porsches as any tall, heavy, all-wheel-drive wagon can possibly feel. The third-generation 2019 Porsche “Cayenne” follows that well-honed formula.

This third-generation redesign of this full-size Porsche SUV is as true of an off-roader as it is a pavement-shredder, with multiple modes that automatically adjust differential locks, ride height, torque distribution, and spring rates and dampers with the terrain. It has rear-wheel steering for extra maneuverability, and a particularly short first gear that allows for ultra-precise feathering of the throttle in precarious situations. There’s a helpful off-road-specific screen that provides intel on steering angle, incline, and gradient.

Potential clients have three turbo engine options. “Cayenne” base version is equipped with 3,0l V6 engine with a 340 HP output, accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 6,2 seconds. The heart of “Cayenne S” is 2,9l V6 turbo engine with 440 HP. But the fastest version is even more dynamic then some of the “911”s, the 550 HP “Cayenne Turbo” with 4 liter V8 engine from 0-100 goes in just 4,1 second. Astonishing performance for a SUV. All three engines have eight-speed automatic transmissions.

A SUV comfort with the dynamics of a sports car. What more can you wish for?