Tieto hands new logistics program to Kurbads

Vehicle transportation and logistics company Kurbads has received the new internal logistics program developed by Latvian branch of information technology establishment “Tieto Latvia”. The new program will make some processes of logistics easier and Kurbads will provide it’s clients with even higher quality of service.

“It’s 2019, and logistics field puts more and more attention to the latest technologies and automation. The idea of our own program was born when we looked for options to improve connection with our clients. The first step to this goal is automation of our internal processes,” says Uldis Čalpa, program development leader from Kurbads.

“Now we have finished the first round – it will improve generation of invoices and CMRs, and it will also build a united database that will help the logistics employees to follow projects of their colleagues. All the necessary information will be in one place. In the second round, we have planned a mobile application for our drivers, at the moment it’s in research and development stage. In the application our drivers will receive their everyday tasks – information about cargo, delivery address, contact information. It will reduce a chance for mistake and will improve the communication between logistics branch and drivers.”

Raivis Lazdiņš, project manager of “Tieto Latvia” says: “This is an interesting project as we have very little previous experience with logistics companies. It was important to make it visually attractive with a responsive design so it could work perfectly on various devices. We have already started development of the mobile application for Kurbads truck drivers.”