Timelessly elegant Mercedes-Benz 230 SL on Kurbads car carrier

Vehicle transporting company “Kurbads” is honored to transport the Mercedes-Benz “230 SL”, one of the most brilliant models of the German vehicle manufacturer. The model was very popular among celebrities in it’s golden years. 

When at Geneva Motor Show in 1963, the Mercedes-Benz Chief Engineer Professor Dr. Nallinger rolled the deep blue covering cloth off the car, the assembled media quickly realized that Mercedes-Benz had well and truly left the 1950s behind. For in front of them was a grand touring machine of stunning beauty.

If you bought one of these babies back in 1963, you had it all. And if you have one now, you still have it all. The manufacturer had been able to combine power, quality, safety, style and wrap it into one elegant package. Audrey Hepburn, Tina Turner and John Lennon were fans. And maybe felt inspired for new soundtracks.

The “230 SL” is equipped with a completely new 2,3l fuel injection flat six engine that produces 150 HP. The engine works in tandem with 4-speed gearbox and is able to reach the maximum speed of 200 km/h. The engine ensures even dynamics when accelerating, but some of the owners are complaining about the lack of power in low RPMs.

The car is nicknamed “Pagoda”. Pagoda is an ancient Chinese temple which has a dip in the roof that refers to the 230 SL’s hardtop. The “230 SL” is quite a dynamic car. Mercedes-Benz engineer Rudolf Uhlenhaut demonstrated the capabilities of the 230 SL on the Annemasse race track in 1963 where he put up the same lap time as V12 Ferrari “250GT” driven by F1 pilot Mike Parkes. The car has also won the “Spa-Sofia-Liege” rally.

48902 vehicles were manufactured from 1963 to 1967. 18 thousands of them are still in good shape. The price varies from 20 to 120 thousand EUR depending from technical condition.

A reasonable price, if we count that advertising industry turn to it regularly whenever they want to use a symbol that immediately convey timeless, classic design and high levels of boulevard chic.