Toms Hartmanis graduates ECG Academy

Toms Hartmanis, vehicle transport company’s “Kurbads” logistics manager in the Baltic States, has graduated from the Academy of the Association of European Vehicle Logistics(ECG), acquiring the Certificate of Automobile Logistics Management, which is an accredited qualification.

ECG Academy is the only educational institution of this kind where the participants gain insights into all relevant aspects of vehicle logistics functions and processes. Practical insights at logistics locations in Europe as well as practice oriented work on example tenders provide the competencies for delivering the highest quality services throughout the branch.

“The new contacts and the practical experience in various plants, ports and warehouses I value the most. I have seen the different edges of logistics process,” says Toms Hartmanis. “In five learning modules I have acquired a huge amount of knowledge that I am using already.”

The ECG Academy course takes place over 5 modules and at least 24 days with a combination of intensive practice oriented training and classroom work. In the fifth module students have to take an exam and have to write and defend their course paper. Toms Hartmanis was the only participant from the Baltic States, Finland and Sweden in the 10th course.

The ECG Board initiated the Academy to help the members of the industry to deliver the highest possible standards of service to their customers. The knowledge and skills of the young professionals on their way to top management are vital for the future of the specialised automotive logistics industry.