Annual boat trip on river Aiviekste

The annual boat trip is the most anticipated event of the summer for Kurbads group establishments. This year, for the first time the river Aiviekste with beautiful untamed nature was chosen.

The trip started in Ārgale village, where leader of the event, local aboriginal and patriot of Lubāna, Māris Valainis instructed more than 130 participants of the boating trip. So river ride would be safe and comfortable.

First stop, camping place Lubāna. According to archeological digs, this is the place where first habitants in Latvia’s territory resided after the end of the Ice age when the location of Riga was still under waters of Ice lake. 12 000 years later right in this spot, Kurbads, DBC autocentrs and Kurbads ice rink employees set up their camp.

Someone goes to this boating trip to enjoy boating, others go to win the prestigious annual sports games. 36 brave people drew their trams and entered the competition with 4 disciplines – archery, volleyball, puzzle and supping. Not only physical capabilities were needed but also logic, team work and strategy.  Despite the fact that black team lost in the volleyball superfinal, they dominated all the other categories, securing a safe and well deserved first place! Our 2019 winners – Arnis Grunšteins, Rinalds Osis, Māris Purvēns, Inga Purvēna, Māris Labarēvics, Zane Valdovska, Kitija Bērziņa. For Māris Purvēns this is already a third victory!

Ģirts Baumanis was the marksman of the evening so he also received special prize.

Boating is not just a fun trip. When possible we try to clean the river from a trash. This year, the most hardworking cleaner of the river was Gvido Rubenis, who earned a well deserved crate of beer.

As strong tradition as the sports games is the mutual  soup making where a lot of employees helped Lāsma Pikāne to make a wonderful vegetables soup to fight the hunger. 

Our host Māris Valainis had done a great job to offer various entertainment options for all – orienteering in the woods, bare feet paths or sightseeing of ancient stone age village with some authentic requisites.  When the physical activities had come to an end, the culture started. Miks Dukurs, famous Latvian singer, had a terrific performance on the improvised stage under the oak branches. Beautiful end of the evening.

On Sunday boaters had to go 15 km further down the river. Some rowed slowly, some faster, but all gathered up for a safe trip back home.

Huge thanks to Māris Valainis and his helpers – this without a doubt was the best camping place ever for us. Thanks to “Mežmalas laivas” for professional boating equipment and thanks to Miks Dukurs for a very warm perfomance!