Visiting RIMO in Lithuania!n

In the middle of the week the vehicle transportation company’s Kurbads chairman of the board Andis Pikāns and truck service manager Ivars Čiblis visited Rimo headquarters in Lithuania. This establishment manufactures car carrier equipment. 

Founded in 2003 only as a car transporters manufacturer, the company has made a huge progress in improving their products, raising quality and expanding their business. 

“Rimantas showed us the production line of the establishment. We evaluated the products, their manufacturing capacity and quality. Rimo specializes on one car transporter model, that’s why we looked at the “Rimo PL7″ which is manufactured from high quality Swedish metal. Lithuanians say that their priority is lowering the weight, but not losing durability,” Ivars Čiblis tells about his visit in Kaunas. “At the moment, our Southern neighbours are developing a new model “Adero” which they hope to present at Hannover Expo. This is a modern, innovative and effective establishment!

Rimo also offers conveyors, shear balers and metal working equipment.

Rimantas Blažulionis, founder and owner of Rimo, is a successful car circuit racer in Lithuania and Baltics. As a racer in Rimo racing team with a BMW E90 Diesel car he has won many races, including becoming a Baltic champion in Baltic Endurance Championship in 2016, winning 4 out of 5 races.