Volkswagen ID.3 1ST arrives in Latvia

We’re happy to announce that we, car transport company Kurbads, have the opportunity to deliver to Latvia the newest and very first Volkswagen ID.3 1ST cars – environmentally friendly, well thought out and convenient to use.
ID.3 1ST is equipped with a medium-sized battery, its mileage – up to 420 km.

As time goes on, standard models will have a choice of three battery performance versions – small, medium and large. With a small battery (45 kWh) it will be possible to drive up to 330 km, but with a large battery (77 kWh) the distance will be up to 550 km. So to speak, do not judge a car by its cover. Five-seated hatchback with an attractive design and the latest technology. The steering wheel and dashboard screen are taken over from the latest Golf 8.

Nonetheless, the space and the size of the car are suitable both, for driving in
the narrow streets of the city, and for long holiday trips in the nature.
The name of the car includes the letter combination ID and the number 3.

The translation of the abbreviation ID is an intelligent design that is supplemented with meaning – intelligent, with its own identity, and based on futuristic technologies. However, the number 3 has two meanings. On one hand, it indicates the compact segment, the division of the car’s class into both internal and industry classification systems. On the other hand, ID.3 is a continuation of the Beetle and Golf era, namely, this model is positioned as the third important stopping point of the Volkswagen brand.