Volvo Driver’s Fuel Challenge has ended; Good results for Kurbads

‘Kurbads’ drivers had the chance to test their driving skills in ‘Volvo Trucks’ Driver’s Fuel Challenge. Drivers Fuel Challenge is a competition in which driving skills and the ability to save fuel are tested.

When trying to save fuel, the experience level of a driver is just as important as technology, and that is why we are so proud of our driver’s results. Juris Cirvelis, who got the 15th place in the total of 170 drivers, took the competition very seriously and checked every turn and stopping point before he started driving.

”The competition is very much about fuel economy and to get good results, experience is important and it is important to know the route. My results would have been better if, because of an other driver, I would not have had to brake so badly in the end of the route. I would also like if other qualities of the driver would be evaluated,” Juris Cirvelis gives his insight on the competition.

Pēteris Ozoliņš took the 34th place, Andris Bernāns – 85th, but Māris Naglis was 105th.

 ‘Kurbads’ is an enterprise that takes responsibility for affecting the environment, so most trucks in our fleet are Volvo, which are proven to be the most environment friendly in tests. We follow news in the industry, so we are in close cooperation with ‘Volvo Trucks Latvia’. In May, Kurbads was visited by Boriss Baibara, who, together with Pēteris Ozoliņš, went on a 700 km trip Riga-Tallin-Riga with a fully loaded vehicle carrier in order to test the system and the consumption of fuel and put into practice the knowledge acquired in theory of economic driving principles.

Pēteris Ozoliņš tells more about the competition: ‘Next year, we will drive when the weather is warmer. We will be much more serious about participating and preparing for the competition and I am certain that the results will be better.’

In Latvia, Andris Pļavenieks, a driver from ‘Kreiss’ won the competition, Gatis Zeltiņš and Aleksandrs Baribins showed exceptional results as well. On July 26th, these three, along with the best drivers from Estonia and Lithuania will compete to find out who is the most economic driver in the Baltics.