Waiting for the new VW Touaregs!

Volkswagen’s Touareg is the flagship of the brand’s SUV line-up and the new version does the job with real style. The all-new Volkswagen Touareg sets a sky-high benchmark in the premium SUV class when it comes to interior quality and in-car tech.

The third generation of VW Touareg will go on sale in Latvia in the middle of September. The cabin is a masterpiece, and paves the way for an exciting new chapter in the firm’s future. As a way of getting from A to B in luxury and complete comfort, few rivals come close.

The third generation Touareg will use the Volkswagen Group MLB platform like its corporate siblings, the Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7.  Touareg will emphasize the latest in fuel saving technologies and will reportedly be significantly lighter (around 100 kg) than the first two generations.  It’s a bit wider and longer than before, which VW used to expand cargo capacity dramatically.

Visually, it’s a more considered design than before; the wider stance and lower roofline (-7mm) giving it a squatter, sportier stance. The wrap-around brand new IQ LED Matrix tail-lights provide a purposeful signature at night, while the huge horizontally-slatted grille emphasizes this new-found visual dynamism. 

Some big changes have been made inside, where the Touareg sets a class benchmark for quality and design. You’ll find swathes of leather across the dash and doors, as well as lashings of metal and high-quality gloss plastic or wood in best specifications. Everything you touch feels built to last.

VW claims that the Touareg packs the biggest collection of driver-assist systems of any car it sells. There’s a night-vision camera in the mix, in addition to a lane-keep assist system that’ll work in roadwork areas, a front-facing cross-traffic assist system and four-wheel steering. Optional matrix-type LED headlights can dip and reroute beams around oncoming traffic to prevent dazzling. Touareg is the first car that can use high beam lights when driving in the city with speed over 30 km/h.

The new Touareg SUV will launch with a pair of V6 diesel engines. There’s a choice of two power outputs (228bhp or 282bhp). A 335-hp gas V6 will follow, along with a 415-hp diesel V8.