With a blessing from Māra – new car carrier in Kurbads!

“Kurbads” car carrier fleet has been supplemented by a new “Mercedes-Benz” truck with Latvian mythology themed designs. The car carrier number 87 is adorned by the sign of Māra. The design was developed by artist Alfreds Paulausks.

In Latvian mythology Māra is the steward of fertility and earth as well as the guardian of health and the giver of bread. The sign grants fundamentality, safety and connection with forces of nature. It also protects from the evil spirits.

The Latvian mythology omens that thing that has a Māra’s cross is symbolically sacrificed to Māra, receiving it’s blessing and protection.

The new “Kurbads” Mercedes-Benz “Actros 1843” car carrier with the supervision of Māra will be led by Jānis Orniņš. Establishment’s driver’s quality inspector Anatolijs Vasiļjevs compares Jānis to legendary rally driver Tommi Makinen: “Jānis works with his head, no haste but everything is done fast. Important that he is not afraid to take initiative and he always makes right decisions. He does his job perfectly that is why he is rewarded with new car carrier.

Jānis previously worked as a tourist bus driver in Europe. So he has a valuable experience driving in serpentines with heavy machinery. He quickly adapted to the specifics of working with a car carrier. Now he is one of the best drivers in “Kurbads”.

 “Kurbads” truck #86 is equipped with Kaessbohrer Metago and Variotrans transport systems. The truck weighs 18 tons and has the power of 430HP.  In ‘Actros 1843’, a compromise between comfort, conductivity and grip with the road surface has been found by using the newest technologies.