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Our mission is to support you in discovering the perfect solutions for any scenario. We offer standard and personalized options to cater to your unique requirements.

Kurbads car centre

Kurbads car centre

Kurbads car centre – it is not only a car transport and logistics centre, but also a car centre offering a wide range of services, including a variety of repair, maintenance and other services for cars, trucks and other special vehicles. We guarantee prompt and high-quality assistance.

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Our services

Anti-rust treatment
Anti-rust treatment
Anti-rust treatment

Anti-corrosion treatment

Anti-rust treatment

Professional car anti-corrosion treatment offers several significant advantages. Kurbads offers top-level rust treatment and ensures anti-rust prevention.

Apply for anti-rust treatment service for your car:

Anti-corrosion treatment for your car

We offer high-class anti-rust treatment with materials from the Scandinavian manufacturer Mercasol and the latest technologies in our service center.

Kurbads is the largest car transport logistics company in the Baltics. It offers its customers not only the ability to deliver the car, but also to carry out professional anti-rust treatment in the pre-sale service center with Mercasol materials and the latest technologies.

Corrosion protection is performed for light and off-road vehicles and commercial transport. 

To conduct anti-corrosion treatment of the vehicle's moving parts (underside), no additional holes are required in the car body, floor, or other parts. By utilizing technological access points (such as inside the thresholds - a special cable is inserted, and by pulling it out with a 360-degree nozzle, the initial anti-corrosion material is sprayed). The rest of the vehicle's anti-corrosion material is uniformly applied to the entire underside of the car's length with the help of high-pressure, previously covering and disassembling parts that do not require treatment.

After the first treatment cycle, the underside of the car is covered with a specially durable protective coating or anti-chip material. Vehicle anti-corrosion treatment is carried out using state-of-the-art technologies and the highest standards, following the manufacturer's developed procedural materials, which specify the technological points for the vehicle's anti-corrosion treatment.

What are the benefits of anti-corrosion treatment?

There are several reasons for performing this procedure.

  • Treating the car against rust helps significantly reduce the costs of future car repairs.
  • A car affected by rust is much less safe in traffic because it deforms more easily in case of collisions.
  • A rust-free car lasts longer (both mechanically and structurally).
  • Rust makes the vehicle unattractive.
  • A rust-treated car has a considerably higher resale value.
  • The anti-corrosion coating also provides additional sound insulation, making the ride more comfortable and quieter.

Anti-rust treatment process

This is step by step - how your car is treated:

1. The first stage
2. The second stage
3. The third stage

The Scandinavian experience

Like Scandinavia, we encourage car dealers and importers to process this before the new car is handed over to the customer. In the Nordic countries, the climatic conditions are very similar, and most car manufacturers have recognized and accepted Mercasol anti-rust treatment specifically for new cars.

We recommend that customers carry out this treatment immediately after buying a new car, before the rusting process has started, to give maximum protection against rust for many years.

Warranty for 16 years

The anti-corrosion treatment comes with a 16-year guarantee, which attests to the quality of our service. To maintain the validity of the guarantee throughout this time, it is important to adhere to one condition: to ensure continuous quality and reliability. The guarantee confirmation must be done every 2 years at Kurbads warehouse.

These regular inspections allow for the timely detection and correction of any possible irregularities or deficiencies, thereby ensuring that the service always meets the highest standards. The inspections are quick and won't take much time, yet they are essential for you to confidently use the service throughout the entire warranty period.

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Why should you trust our team?

Our experienced specialists carry out the treatment using high-quality "Mercasol" materials and technology. The "Mercasol" company has nearly 100 years of experience, demonstrating the effectiveness of its products for decades in the harsh Scandinavian conditions.

As a result, the car is protected from rust for several years, and additionally, when the initial anti-corrosion treatment is performed on a car that has not yet reached two years of age, a 16-year warranty is provided.

Why is anti-rust treatment important?
How long does the anti-rust treatment take?
When is the best time to apply anti-rust treatment to a car?
What is the approximate cost of anti-rust treatment?
For which cars does Kurbads offer anti-rust treatment?
Car washing and cleaning
Car washing and cleaning
Car washing and cleaning

Car washing and cleaning

Car washing and cleaning

High-quality car washing and cleaning are impossible without appropriate equipment and knowledgeable specialists. Have you decided it's time for your car to receive top-level care too? Explore the diverse and professional offerings from Kurbads.

For which types of vehicles is Kurbads car washing and cleaning available?

We offer all washing and cleaning services for various types of vehicles, including:

- Light vehicles.

- Various types of commercial transport (minibusses, buses, tractors, special machinery, etc.).

- Heavy-duty trucks.

Regardless of the type of vehicle requiring car washing or cleaning, Kurbads will certainly be the right choice.

Kurbads offers, there are many diverse washing and cleaning services

Ensuring a pleasant driving experience and prolonging the vehicle's lifespan involves attending to various aspects, from regular exterior washing to professional interior cleaning and ozone treatment. Additionally, a well-kept and clean engine bay serves as a great representation of your company. At Kurbads, we offer comprehensive care for every aspect of your car.

Car wash
Car wash

We utilize both professional high-pressure and meticulous hand and brush washing for washing tasks. We can wash not only various types of cars but also machinery with relatively complex structures.

Interior cleaning
Interior cleaning

Equally important is ensuring a clean vehicle interior for a pleasant and comfortable experience. Kurbads offers gentle hand cleaning of the car's interior and highly effective cleaning solutions using the latest equipment and cleaning supplies.

Car chemical cleaning
Car chemical cleaning

Kurbads uses certified and hypoallergenic car chemical materials in car chemical cleaning.

Ozonation of the car interior
Ozonation of the car interior

Ozonation of the interior provides freshness by eliminating unpleasant odors and disinfecting the car interior from bacteria and viruses. A quick and safe solution for a healthy and clean car environment.

How to apply for services?
Does salon ozone treatment pose risks to human health?
Does chemical cleaning of the car interior pose risks to human health?
Where can you get Kurbads car washing and cleaning services?
What are the prices for car cleaning and washing?
Sound isolation
Sound isolation
Sound isolation

Sound isolation

Sound isolation

Driving a car inevitably involves various noises and sounds produced by the vehicle's tires, precipitation, road surfaces, and surrounding traffic. If you wish to minimize these, we recommend opting for car soundproofing.

This service is usually performed before anti-corrosion treatment, but we also offer it as a standalone option. Soundproofing is most commonly applied in the wheel arches, but we also provide comprehensive insulation for the entire cabin (including ceilings, floors, doors) and the trunk of the car.

What are the benefits of sound insulation for a car?

When combined with anti-corrosion treatment, it can enhance effectiveness further, as the anti-corrosion layer also adds supplementary sound insulation.

  • Reduced noise levels inside the vehicle. Sound insulation blocks external noises like rain, tire, and gravel sounds.
  • Enhanced audio quality. Sound insulation diminishes noise and enhances speaker clarity.
  • Improved energy efficiency. Sound insulation boosts heat retention in colder months, decreases fuel consumption, and preserves coolness during hotter weather, thereby conserving fuel.
  • Protection against corrosion. Sound insulation decreases water exposure to the car, reducing the risk of corrosion.
How much does car sound insulation cost?
Where is the sound isolation of the car done and how long does this process take?
Tire assembly and storage
Tire assembly and storage
Tire assembly and storage

Tire assembly and storage

Tire assembly and storage
Drive safe and do not endanger others - change your tires on time!

At Kurbads Detailing Center, you'll find state-of-the-art tire mounting and balancing equipment, ensuring professional and precise work for your safety on the road!

Remember that it's essential to have your car fitted with winter tires by November 30th at the latest.

Tire assembly and balancing

We utilize the "HUNTER" wheel balancing equipment at work, featuring the innovative Smart Weight imbalance calculation system for highly accurate wheel balancing with a single weight.

We employ the Giuliano S228 for wheel mounting, which is ideal for standard and low-profile tires. It incorporates the POWER OUT tire removal system, enhancing productivity and reducing wait times for your vehicle.

Tire storage

  • You can leave your off-season tire set with us, eliminating the need to find storage space for them.
  • Visit us at 24 Mazjumpravas Street, Riga - to swap your tires and leave the off-season set behind!
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What is the approximate cost of tire fitting?
What is the cost of storing a set of off-season tires on a car?
Car polishing and ceramic coating
Car polishing and ceramic coating
Car polishing and ceramic coating

Car polishing and ceramic coating

Car polishing and ceramic coating

Over time, various micro-damages tend to appear on the body of cars, which affect both their appearance and protection against rust. If you want your car to look like new and be protected from the effects of various conditions, you have come to the right place - Kurbads offers quality car polishing and ceramic coating.

When is car polishing performed and when is ceramic treatment performed?

Polishing the car body restores the shine and color, preventing the risk of corrosion. On the other hand, polishing car headlights ensures better visibility.

In most cases, car polishing and ceramic coating go hand in hand. That is, before the ceramic treatment, the vehicle body is polished. During polishing, the car body regains its shine and original appearance of colors, and various scratches and marks are eliminated.

This is crucial not just for maintaining the car's appearance, as these surface damages can accelerate the onset of corrosion or rust. Additionally, headlight polishing enhances visibility while driving.

As you prefer, car polishing can be conducted as a separate procedure. However, it's advisable not to apply ceramic coating without prior polishing, as any imperfections on the surface will become more apparent if not properly addressed beforehand.

Car ceramic coating - for additional protection and perfect appearance

The ceramic coating has the ability to rejuvenate cars, making them sparkle like new and shine as if they've just rolled out of a showroom. However, apart from cosmetic benefits, ceramic treatment offers several other key advantages:

- Shielding against minor damages: The protective layer guards the vehicle against small scratches and scuffs. Additionally, any micro-damage that occurs post-treatment can be rectified by polishing the affected area and reapplying a fresh ceramic layer.

- UV protection for paint: With its UV-resistant properties, the ceramic coating significantly extends the lifespan of the car's paint by shielding it from the harmful effects of sunlight.

- Simplified maintenance: Thanks to the hydrophobic nature of the ceramic coating, the car becomes easier to clean throughout the year, be it removing snow and ice in winter or clearing away bugs in summer.

Furthermore, when applied to car windows, the hydrophobic coating not only simplifies maintenance but also improves visibility during rainy conditions.

Ceramic coating isn't limited to just the car's body and windows; it can also be applied to various other surfaces like headlights, plastic components, wheels, leather seats, carpets, and fabric interiors.

In essence, combining car polishing with a ceramic coating application is a highly effective method for preserving the car's appearance and protecting it against a range of environmental factors, significantly reducing the effort required for maintenance.

Kurbads offers ceramic processing with a several-year warranty

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To achieve flawless outcomes, we rely on Gtechniq products, which are crafted through a fusion of science and innovation. As an accredited Gtechniq entity, Kurbads offers exclusive access to specialized materials unavailable to other establishments. Additionally, we assure you of quality service and provide a certificate that guarantees durability. The length of the warranty period is determined by the type of ceramic applied, ranging from three to nine years.

How to care for and wash the car after body polishing and ceramic treatment?
How long does the ceramic coating last for the car body?
Can the ceramic coating also be applied to car protective films?
Is it possible to completely polish all the streaks on the scratch?
How often can a full car body polish be done?
PPF protective films
PPF protective films
PPF protective films

Application of PPF protective films

PPF protective films
Ensure the longevity and optimal protection of your vehicle!

Using Paint Protection Film (PPF) is among the most efficient methods to shield your vehicle's body from external harm. This entails the application of a transparent, pliable film onto the car's surface.

The film is engineered to absorb and avert scratches and other surface impairments that may arise during regular usage, including those from rocks, sand, and various road hazards.

The application of the film demands precision and expertise, tasks that are expertly executed by our Kurbads Detailing team. The process initiates with meticulous cleaning and preparation of the car's surface to eliminate any traces of dust or dirt beneath the film. Subsequently, a specialized liquid is employed to apply and stretch the film across specific areas of the vehicle, such as the hood, fenders, doors, and rear bumper. Once affixed, the film is meticulously smoothed to prevent the formation of bubbles or wrinkles, ensuring a flawless fit.

The primary advantage of PPF film lies in its capacity to recover from minor scratches owing to its flexible and self-healing attributes. Additionally, it furnishes UV protection, safeguarding the car's original color from fading. For car owners, this protective measure not only enhances the vehicle's appearance but also represents a long-term investment in preserving its value.

How much does PPF film application cost?

Several factors influence the price, including the car's dimensions, specifications, current condition, and any preparatory treatment required before applying the PPF film.

A precise quote can only be provided after assessing your vehicle in person. Contact us to schedule an appointment and get a tailored quote for your car today.

Small package
Lite package
Standart package
Optimum package
Premium package
Maximum package
Long-term and short-term vehicle parking
Long-term and short-term vehicle parking
Long-term and short-term vehicle parking

Long-term and short-term vehicle parking

Long-term and short-term vehicle parking

Long-term and short-term vehicle parking

Car storage and parking in Riga, Mazjumpravas Street 24 offers flexible parking options for both short-term and long-term periods. The Kurbads territory is guarded around the clock, ensuring the safety of your vehicle, with car storage options available in both enclosed spaces and open parking areas.

With a total area of 50,000 m², of which 40,000 m² are well-equipped areas for car storage, we pride ourselves on having ample capacity to meet any of your requirements.



Our "Kurbads Detailing" service center (PDI), which occupies 730 m², provides additional services in preparing cars before they are handed over to customers or during long-term storage.

We offer more than just parking; we provide comprehensive care to maintain your car in perfect condition. Our professional staff regularly inspects the vehicles in our parking lot to ensure they are secure and ready to use at any time.

Everything for your convenience

For the convenience of our clients, we offer individually customized terms of collaboration. Whether you need a parking space for a few days or for months, we can find a solution that best meets your needs. Our aim is to ensure that every client receives a personalized and advantageous service.For the convenience of our clients, we offer individually customized terms of collaboration. Whether you need a parking space for a few days or for months, we can find a solution that best meets your needs. We aim to ensure that every client receives a personalized and advantageous service.

Long-term and short-term vehicle parking Long-term and short-term vehicle parking
Vehicle Inspection Services and registration
Vehicle Inspection Services and registration
Vehicle Inspection Services and registration

Vehicle Inspection Services and registration

Vehicle Inspection Services and registration

Vehicle Inspection Services and registration

We offer to conduct vehicle inspections on behalf of private car owners! We'll load your car at the designated location, transport it to the nearest Road Traffic Safety Directorate (RTSD) inspection station, handle all necessary payments, perform the vehicle inspection, and then return your car to the specified address.  

We will take care of your car!

A contract outlining the terms of service, including payment and inspection procedures, will be signed before the service begins. Car documents must be entrusted to the responsible Kurbads driver for the duration of the service.




We offer our clients the opportunity to purchase additional cargo insurance (CARGO), which will cover all losses related to cargo damage in any case - even if the cargo damage is not related to the carrier's liability or exceeds the carrier's liability limit.

The self-risk of the policies is 500,- EUR and is payable only in cases where the cargo damage is not related to the carrier's liability. The policy price for each specific shipment will be calculated by our managers.

Additional insurance for maximum security

Each international shipment we undertake is insured with a limit of €1,200,000 per year.

The liability of car transport companies, or carriers, for damages during international transportation is governed by the Geneva Convention of 19 May 1956 on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR).

Our liability arising from this convention is insured up to a limit of €1,200,000 per year for each international shipment we undertake, but not exceeding €600,000 for a single accident.

It should be noted that not every damage that occurs during transportation is considered the carrier's liability under the understanding of the CMR convention. For example, the convention stipulates that the Carrier is relieved from liability if the cargo damage occurred due to the nature of the goods (vehicle) or due to circumstances beyond the carrier's control, which the carrier could not avoid and the consequences of which he was unable to foresee and prevent.

In addition to the above, the CMR convention sets the carrier's liability limit at 8.33 SDR (Special Drawing Rights), or approximately €10 per kilogram of cargo. For example, when transporting a VW Golf with a mass of 1205 kg, the carrier's liability for its damages or complete loss will not exceed €12,628.40.



The logistics centre is located at 24 Mazjumpravas iela in Rumbula, Riga, and has a total area of 50,000 m². The service centre has a total area of 730 m² and a car storage area of 40,000 m².


What are the opening hours of the Kurbads car centre?
Does Kurbads also offer transport of vehicles to the logistics centre?
Do the repairs come with a warranty?
Can I collect my vehicle immediately after the repairs or other services have been completed?
How to request services at Kurbads Logistics Centre?
Why put your trust in our team

Why put your trust in our team

The Kurbads car centre has the advantage of a wide range of services available all in one place, making it easier to carry out repairs and other services quickly. All you have to do is take the car to our logistics centre and we'll take care of it from there.

We offer all types of truck repairs, technical and aesthetic maintenance of various vehicles, anti-corrosion treatment, ceramic coating, cleaning, wrapping, etc.

Not only can you expect top-quality results, but you will also receive responsive communication and detailed advice. The ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certificate, awarded in 2016, is evidence of this.


Maximize your savings and time


Easily accessible location


Operating seven days a week


Cooperation and communication

Let us take care of your car!

Kurbads offers various car transport services within Europe and beyond, using both open and enclosed car carriers. Find out the transportation costs.

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Privacy policy

1. Ievads

SIA “KURBADS UN KO” turpmāk – Pārzinis), interneta vietnē www.kurbads.lv (turpmāk – Vietne) veic tādu personas datu apstrādi, kuri ir iegūti no datu subjekta – Vietnes lietotāja (turpmāk – Lietotājs).

Pārzinis rūpējas par Lietotāja privātumu un personas datu aizsardzību, ievēro Lietotāju tiesības uz personas datu apstrādes likumību saskaņā ar piemērojamajiem tiesību aktiem - Eiropas Parlamenta un padomes 2016. gada 27. aprīļa Regulu 2016/679 par fizisku personu aizsardzību attiecībā uz personas datu apstrādi un šādu datu brīvu apriti (Regula) un citiem piemērojamajiem tiesību aktiem privātuma un datu apstrādes jomā.

Ņemot vērā minēto, Pārzinis ir izstrādājis šo privātuma politiku, ar mērķi sniegt Lietotājam Regulā paredzēto informāciju. 

Privātuma politika ir attiecināma uz datu apstrādi neatkarīgi no tā, kādā formā un/vai vidē Lietotājs sniedz personas datus (Vietnē, papīra formātā, klātienē, vai telefoniski).

Pārzinis patur tiesības jebkurā brīdī mainīt šos noteikumus. Vietnes apmeklētāja pienākums ir patstāvīgi pārbaudīt Vietnes saturu, lai iepazītos ar noteikumu izmaiņām.

2. Pārziņa identitāte un kontaktinformācija

Pārzinis ir SIA “KURBADS UN KO", PVN reģ. Nr. LV50003264331. Pārziņa adrese ir Mazjumpravas iela 24, Rīga, LV-1063, mājaslapa – www.kurbads.lv, e-pasts - kurbads@kurbads.lv, tālrunis –  +371 67803311.

3. Personas datu apstrādes nolūki, kā arī apstrādes juridiskais pamats

Ja Lietotājs Pārzinim iesniedz savus personu datus, telefoniski, izmantojot Vietnes kontaktformas, e-pastu vai cita veida pastu, mēs saglabājam un izmantojam šo informāciju, lai izpildītu vai noslēgtu attiecīgu pakalpojumu sniegšanas līgumu, tai skaitā, klienta identificēšanai; līguma sagatavošanai un noslēgšanai; pakalpojumu sniegšanai (līguma saistību izpildei); klientu apkalpošanai; iebildumu izskatīšanai un apstrādei; klientu lojalitātes celšanai; maksājumu un norēķinu administrēšanai; parādu atgūšanai un piedziņai; faktu pierādīšanai, mājaslapas uzturēšanai un darbības uzlabošanai; biznesa plānošanai un analītikai; plānošanai un uzskaitei. Tāpat, mēs šos datus apstrādāsim informācijas sniegšanai valsts pārvaldes iestādēm un operatīvās darbības subjektiem ārējos normatīvajos aktos noteiktajos gadījumos un apjomā.

Datu apstrādes tiesiskais pamati ir līguma noslēgšanai un izpildei, normatīvo aktu izpildei, saskaņā ar Klienta - datu subjekta piekrišanu, mūsu likumīgās (leģitīmās) intereses (piemēram, pārbaudīt Klienta identitāti pirms līguma noslēgšanas; nodrošināt līguma saistību izpildi; analizēt mājaslapas lietojumu darbību, nodrošināt pakalpojumu sniegšanas efektivitāti, utt.

4. Personas datu kategorijas

Personas datu kategorijas – vārds, uzvārds, personas kods, e-pasta vai pasta adrese, IP adrese, tālruņa numurs, ziņojama vai vēstules saturs, utt.

5. Personas datu saņēmēju kategorijas

Dati tiek izpausti tiem Pārziņa darbiniekiem, kam tie ir nepieciešami tiešo pienākumu veikšanai, lai izpildītu vai noslēgtu attiecīgu pakalpojumu sniegšanas līgumu.

Iegūstot un izmantojot personu datus, mēs daļēji izmantojam ārējo pakalpojumu sniedzēju pakalpojumus, kuri saskaņā ar līgumu stingri ievēro mūsu norādījumus un kurus mēs pirms pakalpojuma izmantošanas un arī turpmāk pastāvīgi kontrolējam.

6. Datu subjektu kategorijas

Datu subjektu kategorijas – Pārziņa esošie, bijušie un potenciālie klienti, kā arī citas personas, kas izsaka vēlmi sazināties ar Pārzini.

7. Datu nodošana ārpus Latvijas

Saņemtos datus nav plānots ārpus Latvijas, Eiropas Savienības vai Eiropas ekonomiskās zonas, kā arī netiks nodoti nevienai starptautiskai organizācijai. Tai pašā laikā, ņemot vērā, ka Vietne ir saistīta ar Google un Facebook servisiem, Pārzinis nevar garantēt, ka minētie uzņēmumi datus nenodos ārpus Eiropas Savienības vai Eiropas ekonomiskās zonas.

8. Datu glabāšanas ilgums

Mēs apstrādājam un glabājam Lietotāja personas datus, kamēr kādai no pusēm pastāv juridisks pienākums datus glabāt.

Pēc tam, kad minētie apstākļi izbeidzas, un ja norādījumos par datu aizsardzību nav minēts citādi, mēs personu datus izdzēšam vēlākais trīs mēnešus pēc tam, kad vairs nav spēkā sākotnējais datu saglabāšanas iemesls, izņemot gadījumus, ja mūsu tiesiskais pienākums ir arī turpmāk saglabāt šos datus (piemēram, bet ne tikai, grāmatvedības uzskaites vai tiesvedības vajadzībām).

9. Datu subjekta piekļuve personas datiem

Datu subjektam ir tiesības mēneša laikā no attiecīga pieprasījuma iesniegšanas dienas saņemt piekļuvi datu subjekta personas datiem.

Lietotājs var iesniegt pieprasījumu par savu tiesību īstenošanu rakstveida formā klātienē, Pārziņa juridiskajā adresē (uzrādot personu apliecinošu dokumentu), pa pastu, vai e-pasta veidā, parakstot ar drošu elektronisko parakstu;

Saņemot Lietotāja pieprasījumu par savu tiesību īstenošanu, Pārzinis pārliecinās par Lietotāja identitāti, izvērtē pieprasījumu un izpilda to saskaņā ar normatīvajiem aktiem.

Lietotājam ir tiesības saņemt normatīvajos aktos noteikto informāciju saistībā ar viņa datu apstrādi, tiesības pieprasīt piekļuvi saviem personas datiem, kā arī pieprasīt Pārzinim veikt to papildināšanu, labošanu vai dzēšanu, apstrādes ierobežošanu vai tiesības iebilst pret apstrādi, ciktāl šīs tiesības nav pretrunā ar datu apstrādes mērķi (līgumu noslēgšana vai izpilde).

Datu subjektam nav tiesību saņemt informāciju, ja šo informāciju aizliegts izpaust saskaņā ar likumu nacionālās drošības, valsts aizsardzības, sabiedrības drošības, krimināltiesību jomā, kā arī nolūkā nodrošināt valsts finanšu intereses nodokļu lietās vai finanšu tirgus dalībnieku uzraudzību un makroekonomisko analīzi.

10. Sīkdatņu apstrāde

Vietnē tiek vākti dati par Vietnes apmeklētājiem, tādējādi gūstot iespēju Vietnes uzturētājam izvērtēt, cik noderīga ir Vietne, un kā to varētu uzlabot.

Pārzinis nemitīgi pilnveido Vietni, ar mērķi, uzlabot tās lietošanu, tāpēc Pārzinim ir jāzina, kāda informācija ir svarīga Vietnes apmeklētājiem, cik bieži viņi šo Vietni apmeklē, kādas ierīces un pārlūkprogrammu viņi izmanto, no kāda reģiona nāk apmeklētāji, un kādu saturu vislabprātāk lasa.

Pārzinis izmanto sistēmu Google Analytics, kas ļauj Pārzinim analizēt, kā apmeklētāji izmanto Vietni. Par to, kā darbojas Google Analytics pamatprincipi, iespējams uzzināt Google mājas lapā https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1012034?hl=lten&ref_topic=6157800. Pārzinis izmanto savāktos datus savās tiesiskajās interesēs, lai uzlabotu izpratni par Vietnes apmeklētāju vajadzībām un uzlabotu pieejamību Pārziņa publiskotajai informācijai. Apmeklētājs jebkurā laikā var pārtraukt datu vākšanu Google Analytics, kā tas ir aprakstīts šeit: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout/.

Serveris, kurā izvietota Vietne, var reģistrēt apmeklētāja nosūtītos pieprasījumus (izmantotā ierīce, pārlūkprogramma, IP adrese, piekļuves datums un laiks). Šajā punktā minētie dati tiek izmantoti tehniskiem nolūkiem: lai nodrošinātu Vietnes pienācīgu funkcionēšanu un drošību un izmeklētu iespējamos drošības incidentus. Šajā punktā minēto datu vākšanas pamats ir Pārziņa tiesiskā interese nodrošināt Vietnes tehnisku pieejamību un integritāti.

Sīkdatnes ir nelieli faili, kurus, katru reizi, kad apmeklētājs apmeklē Vietni, pārlūkprogramma saglabā apmeklētāja datorā tādā apmērā, kā norādīts apmeklētāja datora pārlūkprogrammas iestatījumos. Atsevišķas sīkdatnes tiek izmantotas, lai atlasītu un piemērotu apmeklētājam piedāvājamo informāciju un reklāmas, pamatojoties uz saturu, ko apmeklētājs aplūkojis agrāk, un tādējādi veidotu apmeklētājiem Vietnes lietošanu vienkāršu, ērtu un individuāli piemērotu. Papildu informāciju par sīkdatnēm, kā arī to dzēšanu un pārvaldīšanu, var iegūt mājaslapā www.aboutcookies.org

Vietne izmanto sīkdatnes, lai vāktu lietotāja IP adreses un pārlūkošanas informāciju un ļautu Vietnei atcerēties apmeklētāja izvēli. Sīkdatnes ļauj Pārzinim sekot līdzi Vietnes datu plūsmai un lietotāju mijiedarbībai ar Vietni – Pārzinis izmanto šos datus, lai analizētu apmeklētāju uzvedību un uzlabotu Vietni. Sīkdatņu izmantošanas tiesiskais pamats ir Pārziņa leģitīmā interese nodrošināt Vietnes funkcionalitāti, pieejamību un integritāti.

Apmeklētājs var kontrolēt un/vai dzēst sīkdatnes pēc savas izvēles. Plašāka informācija par šo procesu ir pieejama šeit www.aboutcookies.org. Apmeklētājs var izdzēst visas sīkdatnes, kuras ir viņa datorā, un lielāko daļu pārlūkprogrammu var iestatīt tā, lai tiktu bloķēta sīkdatņu ievietošana datorā. Apmeklētājs var atteikties no sīkdatnēm pārlūkprogrammas izvēlnē vai https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout. Lai veiktu nepieciešamos uzstādījumus, apmeklētājam nepieciešams iepazīties ar savas pārlūkprogrammas noteikumiem. Sīkdatņu bloķēšanas gadījumā apmeklētājam manuāli būs jāpielāgo iestatījumi ikreiz, kad tiks apmeklēta Vietne, turklāt pastāv iespējamība, ka daži pakalpojumi un funkcijas nedarbosies.

Statistikas datiem par Vietnes apmeklētājiem var piekļūt tikai tie Pārziņa darbinieki, kuri ir atbildīgi par tādu datu analīzi.

Ja nav noteikts citādi, sīkdatnes tiek glabātas, kamēr tiek izpildīta darbība, kādam nolūkam tās vāktas, un pēc tam tās tiek dzēstas.

Gadījumā ja Pārziņa Vietnē ir paraudzēta foruma vai komentāru iespēja, šādā gadījumā, Vietnē tiek saglabāti IP adrese, kā arī dati, ko norādījis pats apmeklētājs. Sīkdatnes, kas satur šos datus, Jūsu ērtībām (lai nākamreiz nebūtu jāraksta pa jaunu) var tikt saglabātas vienu gadu.

Google Analytics
Izmanto, lai noteiktu tīmekļa vietnes unikālos apmeklētājus, piešķirot katram nejaušā kārtībā ģenerētu identifikatoru (“Google Universal Analytics” sīkdatne)
2 gadus no izveidošanas
Google Analytics
Izmanto, lai noteiktu tīmekļa vietnes unikālos apmeklētājus (“Google Universal Analytics” sīkdatne)
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Google Analytics
Izmanto, lai samazinātu Google reģistrēto datu apjomu, ja ir liels lietotāju skaits tīmekļa vietnē (“Google Universal Analytics” sīkdatne)
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11. Trešo personu tīmekļa vietnes

Mēs, iespējams, sadarbosimies ar trešajām personām, kas ir pilnvaroti ievietot trešo personu sīkdatnes mūsu vietnēs vai mūsu pakalpojumus, lietotnēs un rīkos ar jūsu piekrišanu. Šie pakalpojumu sniedzēji ļauj mums nodrošināt jums labāku, ātrāku un drošāku tīmekļa vietnes lietošanas pieredzi. Ievērojiet, ka uz trešo personu sīkdatnēm attiecas trešo personu privātuma politika, tāpēc mēs neuzņemamies nekādu atbildību par šīm privātuma politikām.

Vietnē ir uzstādīts rīks "Facebook pixel". Šī rīka izmantošanas mērķis ir satura un reklāmu pielāgošana Facebook lietotājiem. Lai uzzinātu vairāk par Facebook privātuma politiku, noklikšķinot šeit https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/. Tāpat jūs varat izmainīt reklāmas iestatījumus savā Facebook profilā.

12. Tiesības iesniegt sūdzību uzraudzības iestādei

Datu subjektam ir tiesības iesniegt sūdzību uzraudzības iestādei (Datu valsts inspekcijai). Dokumentus Datu valsts inspekcijā pieņem, izmantojot pastu, elektronisko pastu (ar drošu elektronisko parakstu parakstītus dokumentus), kā arī tos var atstāt Blaumaņa ielā 11/13, Rīgā, 1.stāva pastkastē. Datu valsts inspekcija pieņem elektroniskā pasta sūtījumus, kas saņemti uz elektroniskā pasta adresi info@dvi.gov.lv.

13. Privātuma politikas spēkā esamība

Mēs paturam tiesības laiku pa laikam izmainīt un papildināt šīs privātuma politikas saturu, lai precizētu aprakstu tam, kā mēs apstrādājam jūsu datus.

Ņemot vērā minēto, aicinām regulāri pārskatīt šo privātuma politiku, lai Jūs būtu lietas kursā par Jūsu personas datu apstrādi Vietnē.