Logistics Center

The company's Vehicle Logistics Center is able to provide its clients with a vast range of service: from special vehicle manufacturing and installation of optional equipment to varnishing, mechanical and body works. We offer vehicle assessment, inspection and maintenance works as well, thus reducing clients indirect operational costs related to vehicle storage, transport and maintenance before sale.

The company's Vehicle Logistics Center is located at 24 Mazjumpravas Street, Riga, Rumbula; its total area is 30,000 m². The overall area of Service Center(PDI) is 730 m². Well-maintained vehicle storage area occupies 30,000 m².


Technical and maintenance services:

  • pre-sale inspection;
  • preparation of secondhand vehicles for sale;
  • vehicle arrangements for exhibition;
  • new vehicle presentation;
  • management of your company's car park;
  • inner and outer decorative stickers;
  • removal of transit wax and transit film.

Automobile park service:

  • evaluation, cleansing, arrangement for use and sale;
  • vehicle washing and cleansing, removal of labels;
  • vehicle assessment;
  • preparation of vehicle according to client's individual requirements or certain standards;
  • use of cost-reducing SMART repair method, including repair of car's damaged body maintaining the manufacturer paintwork;
  • repair of windshields, seats
  • mechanical, body repair and varnish works;
  • maintenance and warranty works.

Body repair and mechanical works:

  • leveling out car body dimples, especially those effected by hail, without varnish damage;
  • elimination of all kinds of damage (transportation, accidents);
  • vehicle visual improvement (tuning);
  • reconstruction of sunroofs, conditioners, audio equipment and electronic immobilizers;
  • examination of vehicle performance and brakes.

Special vehicles:

  • complete reconstruction of vehicle;
  • special equipment setup;
  • varnishing and labeling in company's colors;
  • removal of police vehicle special equipment;
  • reconstruction of special transport vehicles (commercial and private orders). 


  • varnishing of the whole vehicle body or all kinds of auto parts;
  • varnishing of components other than vehicle parts;
  • varnishing for wholesalers.